@NiKK EMET 5.0



What currently are you using now for EMET?




Any luck using it???


Did you use it on Windows 8.1???


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    Hi Rusli,


    If you want to get the attention of another user in the community, you can always use the @ mention. 

    In that case @NikK .

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    Thanks Ben!


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    Yes, but only on Win 7.


    They've made some great improvements in 5.0, and that's probably why it was the most difficult EMET version so far to configure before I got all programs compatible with it. Hopefully it works better on Win 8.


    Of what I've read in general about 5.0 problems, take note of this:

    • Deep Hooks is on by default, which may cause problems on some systems
    • EAF is a common problem
    • StackPivot might be the problem if programs crash without an alert from EMET
    • ASR and EAF+ are new mitigations
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    EMET 5.0 is not compatible with Win 10. For your info.

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