Licensing confusion

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Licensing confusion



First, I've already opened a support case but I don't understand everything. As English is not my mother tongue, it's a little bit difficult for me to deal with such complicated licensing issues.




At the beggining of April, I downloaded a trial version of F-Secure AntiVirus from F-Secure website. 

I decided to remove this product from my computer after only 1 day of use. I have understood that the trial version can only be used 1 time on a computer and won't work again after an uninstallation.


Then I came across a full F-Secure Internet Security licence from Ebay, for only 10 Euros. I have received the "Service Key" which is good.


When I tried to install F-Secure Internet Security, my key was recognized and I was able to install the product, with a 1 year validity. However, my TRIAL license was still listed in the product, and its expiry date was moving forward with each day (for example, 05/16 then a day after, 05/17...).


So I tried to uninstall and reinstall the product again to get rid of this trial key, but the more I install the product (on the same machine), the more "Trial License Key" were added to my product GUI. The valid 1 year key was still listed at the bottom of the list, but everytime I try to enter it into the "Activation wizard', it tells me that my key is valid but when I click on "Install", it tells me : "The trial license key was already used on this system" so I cannot get my key working.


Furthermore, I noticied that each time the "Device ID" for my account was different with each reinstallation on the same machine.


I've already opened a support ticket, tried Uninstall with UninstallationTool, tried the different Installers, without success.


I ended up buying an official license from the F-Secure WebStore and my new key is now working perfectly. But I still have my old key inused. Can you help me to recover the 1 year period on my old key, merge it with the new key or add it to the end of my other 1 year subscription ?



Re: Licensing confusion

You've already done what I would have suggested, by using the Uninstallation Tool, which should have removed all the licenses, so you should have been able to start again 'clean'.

I think you can only wait for your support ticket to be responded to now, and hopefully they can sort things out for you.
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Re: Licensing confusion

Thanks for the reply.


I've contacted the support again with a French-Speaking technician who helped me.


We have merged the two license keys, so I've got 2 years of protection now.


In fact the solution was to (after contacting the support and checking the licenses) :


- Uninstall all the F-secure products with Add-Remove programs.

- Install the latest F-Secure product with the installers at the URL /support/installers.

- Activate F-Secure with my old license key.

- Update F-Secure

- Add my other key to the product.


It works, it have "added" the two subscriptions, so I have 2 years of protection, but under my first licence : "Licence1 : Installed on this device : Expiration date : 04/13/2016" (which is ok), I have three other lines :


"License 2 : available"

"Licence 3 : available" 

"Licence 4 : available" all with an expiration date set to  : 05/18/2014.


How can I remove those 3 licences ? (they were added when I have entered my "old" ebay key, the first one I bought).


Re: Licensing confusion

Was the eBay license for more than one machine? I guess it's possible that it will just 'disappear' when it expires on May 18th.
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Re: Licensing confusion



No, the key was for 1 PC only. But I am not sure that the key is fully legit that's why I've purchased from F-Secure too (my fault...). Now I've got 2 years of protection (1 if the eBay key turns out not to be legit).


For the 3 other keys, I guess it's because I've tried a few time to install/uninstall the software on the same computer with the Trial version.


I don't know if they will disappear after may 18th, anyway those keys are useless now.


I've asked the support technician if it's possible to remove those keys from the software.


The licensing is a bit confusing with this product, but It's good to know that there is a great support :)


The keys in question are highlighted in my picture.

"Installée sur cet appareil" means "Installed on this device."

 "Disponible" means "Available".

"Expire" means "Expiration date".



Re: Licensing confusion

Product licensing is usually fairly straightforward, but we have had issues posted here before regarding multiple licenses appearing after using a license bought off eBay.

I'm not saying they're all dodgy, but personally, I don't usually purchase just license keys on their own from eBay, as I guess you can never really be certain of their origins or legitimacy.
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Re: Licensing confusion

Yes, sure.


However we can see that the 3 licenses have an expiration date set to 30 days so I think they are related to old "trial" keys. It's curious that they're not cleared. They were added when I have entered my ebay key.


Furthermore, the technician said that it's normal for the "Device ID" to change after each installation, even on the same machine. That's curious because normally a Device ID must not change that easily.




Re: Licensing confusion

I think the Device ID thing is related to the license being transferable to another machine, or when you purchase a multi-machine license.

If you wanted to transfer your current (single) license to another machine, you would use the same subscription code, and the license would be activated on the second machine, and deactivated on the original machine.

I think the Device ID is more for the purpose of the product identifying the active license, than for the user to identify the machine with. :)
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Re: Licensing confusion

OK, thanks ! The support guy told me that the "trial licenses" will be removed automatically after the trial period.


I enjoyed my experience with the F-Secure support. Both Forum and Technical support were helpful and kind. :)

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Re: Licensing confusion

Hi !


May I ask you another question again ? Smiley Tongue


I just have noticied that in fact my three "trial" keys expiration dates are moving forward each day, so they will never expire.


Is it possible to "cancel" them ?


For example, today (04/20/2014) the expiration date shown is : 05/20/2014.

Tomorrow (04/21/2014) it will be : 05/21/2014 etc.


Thanks !