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    Sounds promising because that's the normal behaviour of adding a new key to an existing one: 1 year is added to the existing expire date.


    The other (and perhaps related) eBay issue BTW is here:


    Very confusing, support didn't help and even buying a new key from F-Secure didn't help. Don't know how it went, the user never got back with an update.

  • Hello ! I'm back again :)


    Yesterday my PC crashed so I couldn't boot to Windows anymore.


    So I've reformatted it, but now as usual F-Secure won't install.


    When I try to use the default installer here :


    The installation cannot start because it says : "The installed version on your computer cannot be upgraded. Please uninstall the previous version and try again".


    But NOTHING related to F-Secure was installed after my PC was formatted.

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    Here is where you need to download the installer from:

    I think you're using the upgrade tool when there's nothing to upgrade. Smiley Wink
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    @Simon wrote:
    Here is where you need to download the installer from:

    I think you're using the upgrade tool when there's nothing to upgrade. Smiley Wink


    Having said that, the installer I linked to appears to be the same as the one you linked to, so I'm not sure which is the correct one.  dunno.gif

  • Thanks for your quick replies.


    In fact, I have used this installer : F-SecureNetworkInstaller_IS-ESTORE-TRIAL-GLOBAL_

    Which has allowed me to install a trial version.


    From here, I have activated my key. This time, a pop-up has appeared, to inform me that all my licences were used (6).


    So I had a choice to move my existing license, which I did.


    Then the 6 licences were back and the product told me that I have exceeded the number of activations.


    I have confirmed the message, and curiously my licence was automatically moved to my reinstalled computer.


    Everything is ok now except my "6 trial licences" not deleted so they are linked to my key and it seems there is no possibility to remove the information. Those licences are linked to the key not the PC as I have formatted everything. But now it's just a "cosmetic" issue.

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  - Link was here :) And it's not current one... which on "downloads"-main page now (how already noted that previously);

    But - it's not big different. If upgrade tool can not to upgrade - should to start "installation"; But not in that situation in somewhat reasons.


    Current link-installer are same with trial-installer... except "trial-key" in name (for automaticlaly filling);


    About "have exceeded the number of activations." - probably was just "prompt" about "re-activation" during "over-the-using already";

    It's like part of 'replacing' - if any installations was stuck.

    Reasons for stuck - about eight.  One of them - "format C:" :)


    About your license... I already wrote here... that my opinion about that:


    Subscription have "license key";   "License key" can to have "licenses";


    During action about "add new subscription" - you will "some kind of adding one subscriptions to another one";

    It's not work for trial-keys....


    Because that.. probably related with ebay-key;


    And ebay-key can be  trial-trick... like "non-stop trial"-key-llicenses. And work here... like "each day - new trial";

    That trial for "three devices" (three licenses);


    Als you have your "KEY" for two year...


    And here already suprise for me :) you again have six licenses.. not five. Probably last one (for six) - it's new trial.. but it's can not be :) Maybe here also...  "another one from F-Secure store";


    Or you mean.... indeed  "Six trial-licenses"? and else one "your" for two year?


    Informatiom from subscription (which have "license-key", which have "licenses") can be removed :) but probably it's already not work... and you again need to talk with F-Secure Care/Support... for "editing" your subscription.


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