Licensing confusion


Re: Licensing confusion

I think you'd need to ask the Support guys if they can remove them.

Failing that, a full uninstall with the Uninstallation Tool should remove all of your licenses, then you can reinstall just using the one genuine legit license. That should tidy things up a bit. I say *should*, because I can't remember the outcome of the last person who had trouble with an eBay purchased license. From what I recall, he ended up with hundreds listed (!), so you might want to check with Support first. :)
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Re: Licensing confusion

I've just mailed the support and I'll wait for their answer.


I'll keep this thread updated :)


EDIT : after further research I have noticied that in a file of FSDIAG.ZIP archive there is the following information :


So I think the support can remove those 3 trial subscriptions from the server (with the help of AgentID). I've hidden some information to prevent confidentiality issues.

Re: Licensing confusion



You can also check situation about "subscription-key" - what if it's new key with new each day.

One trial-key for three devices, but each day - new one :) Like if it was "buy" - it's can be like service "one year" with protection :)


Anyway - how already was tips about uninstallation by Control Panel and than (or without that) by F-Secure Uninstallation Tool (but here.... here trouble.. if your already to use another "system" - re-install system or something like that);

It's must to fix your current trouble - if that some kind of stuck with your current system (not device);

And if it's not a fix - probably just need to be certainly installation-process without "installer by trial-versions" (need to use - just already new one about two year protection) and certainly without step about "add old one key" - if it's possible.

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Re: Licensing confusion

I am stuck.


Now, F-secure won't recognize the Ebay key, and when I try to put my F-Secure Store Key, it tells me that the Trial version is already installed.


I've uninstalled with the uninstallation tool, but it's the same thing when I try to reinstall.


Now I'm stuck as none of my two key work.


Everytime I try to install the Trial, another "TRIAL" get added to my licenses keys, but the software says that "A trial version was already installed".


Everytime I try to reinstall properly, my device ID changes and the keys keeps being attached to the "old" installation ID (even if it's on the same device).


Now one of my two keys is not recognized at all by the system, the other is recognized but won't let me install as : "A trial version was already installed".


I'm lost, I've sent another request to support but I'm going nowhere...


Re: Licensing confusion



Sorry for ask - but just for more understable in situation.

On current time.. you have:


 - "Number-key-license-code" for F-Secure IS by not F-Secure store/website (potentially it's for three devices, one year... and potential can be "trick")


 - "Number-key-license-code" for F-Secure IS by F-Secure official store (for one device (?!), one year);


 - "Number-key-license-code" for F-Secure IS by F-Secure Support/Care team (for one device, two year) - but it's can be already "not-split" with "second one";





Now about situation:


 - Device ID - that mean ID for Device (System and current installation); Not related with Hardware ID (it's can be used by F-Secure, but in another meaning);

 -  User ID - that mean ID for Client (User and current license-code);



If you did install of F-Secure IS in first time:


 - It's installed and create a User ID / Device ID for that installation;


For normally remove F-Secure IS and dropped any active-license:


 - Need to use Control Panel (default by Windows) for uninstalling F-Secure IS;

 - Than you can use F-Secure Uninstallation tool (for any situations, when something goes wrong);

 - You must do that with "network connection" (and here I mean - first step)



If it's already broken... and one of licenses are stuck (not matter which reason: uninstallation without network, wrong uninstallation, re-install operation-system or other situations):


 You can not to fix that (but maybe F-Secure Support/Care team can to fix that); Except "replacing"-feature - which work.



Stuck in that situation mean - that you can not to use "license code-key' - because it's already "in use";


But here... you must able to see prompt about "re-placing" license-code-key for new system/machine... during new installation.



If it's stuck on system - when installation give alert about "already installed something on current system" - you need to clean system.... probably here.. totally must to help F-Secure Uninstallation tool.



ANYWAY that text was just for "understable" situation.


Now about your latest information:


 - You must to stop using Trial-installers (if your words mean that... and you do not mean trial-key);


 - You need to use "installer" without any "connection" with key-license-code - just installer, where you can or able to add during installation (for example); Or... with installer about your "stable' license-code - which can to help with replacing also;



  - Changes about "Device ID" - almost normally. That situation did not give any new troubles... if installation/uninstallation was without wrong-steps;


 - If you have "second valid" key about two-year subscriptions for one device and that "key" give alert about "already installed trial-version";

Try to use else one time.... steps (or check... if all that steps already was done);

    - Control Panel (default Windows panel for remove/uninstalling any software) - remove F-Secure (all programs); after "graphic-dialog-uninstallation" will be "dropped" your license key. all other actions will be about "cleaning for trash and other things";


    - You can to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool after that... for checking.. that all.. are good.


    - Try to install F-Secure IS with your valid-key for two-year one-device (which you receive by Suppor team) - and use for that - certainly "good" installer (if you have special installer for that..... use that; if not - use any "installers" without connection about licenses... and type your valid-key during prompt);


     - Must be work... and installing without troubles.

If not - you must to clear/clean something in system by hand - for example.... registry by "F-Secure"-query;

Or be certainly.... about situation.. that in any places of your system... did not have folder with installation.



If you want use "your new valid-key for two years and one device" and "trial-key" or "ebay-key" - it's probably can be about various or different versions of F-Secure - and it's can be a reason for troubles. Or... just trial-key/ebay-key was revoked. Or.... ebay-key was just trial-key.


Re: Licensing confusion

I can't add to that...

Except to say that you can only install a trial version once, so that may explain one issue.

I agree with Ukko - if you can get your system cleared of all licenses, only use the one(s?) issued by F-Secure, as the one from eBay could well be the reason for all the trouble.
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Re: Licensing confusion

From now :


- With F-Secure uninstalled.


- I ran : UninstallationTool.exe in order to make sure every instance of F-Secure is Uninstalled.


- Then, after rebooting, connected to Internet, I ran :


-  F-Secure IS asked for the Key. There is a problem here now.

===> When I try to enter my eBay Key (F-Secure Internet Security), the installer shows a red text saying that the key cannot be validated (this is a new behavior).

So the installation cannot continue.




===> When I try to enter my F-Secure "legit" key (purchased from F-Secure eStore), the key is validated, but when I try to continue it says : "The Trial version was already installed on this system". It's curious because I am not using the TRIAL installer.

And the installation cannot continue.




Under "My Subscriptions" I have now... 6 licenses, because of many installations attempts.




My correct licence is n°4, with two years licence : 1 year (ebay) + 1 year (f-secure).


I want to remove all the other licenses and keep only my n°4 license...


Heeeelp :)


Re: Licensing confusion

Unfortunately, we can't see any of the screenshots at the moment, as they currently need to be approved by a forum moderator.

What I'm confused about is why you initially used the eBay license again, rather than the one from F-Secure. I really feel that isn't helping, and that you should only be using the known legit license.

Re: Licensing confusion



About screenshots - it's not visible yet;

It's not a trouble - just because it's waiting "moderation"; But anyway.. probably I will know about which prompts that pictures.




It's, of course, doesn't matter... but in any other steps - try to use that installer - (probably not big different, but anyway);


In current your situation (if you did not anything else yet) - my steps will be :


 - Go to Windows Control Panel - Remove F-Secure Launch Pad (or something like that);

It's can be with "graphic-mode" or already with "service enabler uninstalling"; When it's done.....


I can to do next steps.... but for best "perfomance"....


 - Will use "F-Secure Uninstall Tool" - it's not give any improve-points, but... why not.

Also.. I do that with "network connection - turn on" (both steps; uninstallation certainly with network connection turn on);



 So, after what next steps will be:


 - Installer from link; Or installer from valid-key-special-view;


During installation it's can to give alert about window with "uninstalled status" or with already "in use" and etc.

If all nice - I go to "F-Secure Launch Pad - My Subscriptions" - "Installation" - click "Install" - it's must to give prompt about "replacing";



OK.. here I stopped potential steps about situation :)


Some words about your information:


Just because - pictures not visble yet - just because if you have "available" to check "My Subcriptions" and here visible six subscriptions..... already something wrong. I not sure.. that can to certainly understand... reason about.... that.

Need to check screenshot.


Also about "trial" - it's can be trial-time for guarantee-money-back :) But anyway... it's must be able to replacing from "potential steps";


If on screenshot... have another licenses...  I recomend to try check situation about manual "cleaning" registry for "query" - F-Secure and maybe... folders.

It's not really possibly... to be so big stuck... after all steps :) And anyway... if you had experience with "system restore" - it's anyway.. must be fixed by uninstallation or new installation - uninstallation and replacing for subscription.


Re: Licensing confusion

I didn't notice you were using the 'upgrade' installer. I would certainly recommend using the full retail installer that Ukko linked to above, with the license issued by F-Secure.