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With all these concerns and  reacations from the users, I think that it becomes inevitable to change your thinking and policy. It would certainly be feasible to offer an updated firewall 2012 already now. It could be a pop-up offer: "Do you want to install our renewed firewall 2013 or stay with the configuration you have now?" And not in the clouds, please!



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Although I am currently evaluating IS 2013, I like this new FW augmentation concept. Personally, I am tired of the HIPS configs (Comodo, Outpost, Privatewall and others). Likewise,  HIPS  is not perfect either and in particular, when it comes to vulnerabilities.  If, FS can do it for me and my family, all the better… Just one opinion...  Thanks.  From the link below:


  • Blocking download of exploits and other harmful files. Each downloaded file is scanned and all harmful files are blocked automatically.
  • Preventing suspicious applications from accessing the Internet. If the safety of an application cannot be verified, DeepGuard starts to monitor its behavior. Based on the behavior analysis, DeepGuard will either allow or deny the network access or it asks the user whether to permit the access or not.
  • Browser manipulation detection. DeepGuard detects if malware is trying to manipulate user’s browser and prevents the attempt.




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im glad i looked here before buying fsecure i didnt know it used windows firewall surely this info should be placed on the page when purchasing f-secure.Its a shame if it had its own firewall i would purchase it.

I like plenty of settings to tweak in my security suites F-secure looks very dumbed down too me.Also will you have your own firewall in 2014 version i doudt it be ill ask any way until then ill stick with kaspersky.



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(If you are a home user…)

New real-time paradigms must materialize to keep up with the new and forever developing threats. One area in particular is vulnerability exploits. NO firewall (such as manual HIPS) is going to plug this whole until it is to late….  I encourage you to read about Deepguard in relation to how it amends the MS firewall…

(If you are a corp. user, consider an end-point F-Secure Solution)   

BTY, MS Firewall standalone will "Stealth" your ports (https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2).

Also see Deepguard whitepaper PDF:


New Firewall Functionality PDF:



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i am new to f-secure it is firewall i want please tell me what to do


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If you are not happy in using the stripped-down firewall in FS Internet Security 2014, try the standalone F-Secure AV and a firewall of your choice.


Good choices would be;


1. Comodo Firewall; http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/


2. Zone Alarm Free Firewall; http://www.zonealarm.com/security/en-us/zonealarm-pc-security-free-firewall.htm


3. TinyWall; http://tinywall.pados.hu/


4. PrivateFireWall; http://www.privacyware.com/personal_firewall.html


Re: FSecure 2013 firewall options

Some additional information:


F-Secure's own firewall solution was removed in Internet Security 2013. It's now only available in business versions. The reason it was removed was because F-Secure thinks that the default firewall in Windows is good enough. And F-Secure's Deepguard(application monitor) will block any internet connection attempts made by unknown applications.

What's important to know is that the firewall in Windows XP only has inbound filtering, while Windows Vista and later also has outbound filtering, but the outbound filtering is disabled by default. The reason is it can be quite complicated to set up the outbound filtering to work the way you want it to.


The Windows firewall(not XP) is a great firewall that offers both inbound and outbound filtering. The only problem with it is that outbound filtering is difficult to use. This is probably why many users chose to use a different firewall(see the examples from Blackcat).


There are programs that can help you with this but I only recommend it to advanced users, for example Windows Firewall Control  This program(WFC) provides an interface to create firewall rules and alerts, but it's not a firewall itself. It only communicates with Windows own firewall to make it easier, but you still have to decide yourself what applications, including windows internal applications, to allow for making connections from your computer.

Note: F-Secure Deepguard detects WFC as an unknown application, so you need to allow it in order to be able to use it.