F-Secure Ultralight Hoster ?


F-Secure Ultralight Hoster ?

What does this process (under F-Secure Host Process) do?   I noticied today that my PC was running hot and found that the Ultralight (not so light)  Hoster is running at 16-30% CPU all the time.  Never noticed it prior to today.     I stopped the process from task manager and issue went away.   

Running Windows 10, 1909 build with all latest updates.
My F-Secure SAFE is version 17.7  4.20.3564.0/SAFE



Re: F-Secure Ultralight Hoster ?

Hi @WarningU2 


Ultralight is the scanning core of the product. It runs all the scans, so if you are doing a lot of file operations, it is expected to use CPU because it's scanning everything. When your computer is idle, it should not use that much CPU. Be careful if you shut down the service - when Ultralight is not running you have no malware protection.



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