F-Secure Ultralight Hoster ?


What does this process (under F-Secure Host Process) do?   I noticied today that my PC was running hot and found that the Ultralight (not so light)  Hoster is running at 16-30% CPU all the time.  Never noticed it prior to today.     I stopped the process from task manager and issue went away.   

Running Windows 10, 1909 build with all latest updates.
My F-Secure SAFE is version 17.7  4.20.3564.0/SAFE



  • WarningU2
    WarningU2 Posts: 10 Observer

    Thanks for the response R&D.   


    Yes after terminating the process I realized its purpose.   


    With all due respect, there is something wrong. 


    I've noticed that my PC is still running hot.  I run my PC 7x24.   I have monitoring software that a;erts me when my core temp is high.   Normally my PC runs at 35 C however now with F Secure process running away using 20-30% of my CPU it's running at 60 C --- ALL THE TIME.   


    I have terminated the process repetively and restarted it and all is fine until the next scheduled scan.   Instead of daily scans I am running them weekly now with a scheduled reboot on the Monday morning to circumvent the issue.


    Like I said there is something seriously wrong with how F Secure is running.   What can I provide to track down the cause of this issue/culprit?   Something is looping with this Ultralight (sic) Hoster.   




  • WarningU2
    WarningU2 Posts: 10 Observer

    I don't see any responses, so I tried opening a support ticket but I don't see F Secure Safe listed as one of the products.   Is support no longer available for home products via their website?    


    I have an unrelated issue now with a false positive for a product long installed on my PC.   I upgraded to the latest version and F secure flagged a dll file.    I tried to submit a sample but that part of the F secure website is down for maintenance for 24 hours now.    Is something going on at F Secure we don't know about?


    No home user support, no responses in the forum to a week old question, no means to submit false positives ... please don't tell me this security suite is going downhill.

  • Jaims
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    Hi @WarningU2 


    Sincere apologies for the delay in response. 


    Please note that most CPU issues such as this seems to be caused by manual scanning, which is constantly running on the background. We can recommend a few other troubleshooting such as;


    - Check that there are no pending Windows Update

    - Run our uninstallation tool for Windows  to remove current F-Secure SAFE

    - Reinstall SAFE and allow the Virus Protection to finish updating

    - Once you see the 3 ticks on the SAFE interface, try to check the CPU usage again


    Please ensure that the Periodic Scanning option is turned off on your Windows Security settings. 


    You may also contact our support via live chat which is available 24/7 or by phone call during the office hours.


    Let us know if this helps.

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