Salasanojen hallintaohjelman selainlaajennuksen asetukset

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Miten ja mistä määäritellä asetukset, kun saan keltaisen huutomerkin ja ilmoituksen: "F-Securen salasanojen hallintaohjelman selainlaajennuksen asetuksia ei ole vielä määritelty."

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    If you're seeing a yellow exclamation mark along with a notification stating "The settings for the F-Secure password manager browser extension have not yet been defined," it means that you need to configure the settings for the extension. To do this, open the F-Secure Password Manager application on your device and navigate to the settings. Look for an option specifically related to browser extension settings. Here, you'll find various configuration options such as permissions, autofill settings, and security preferences. Review and adjust these settings according to your preferences. After making any changes, save your settings and then refresh or restart your web browser. This will allow the browser extension to update with the newly defined settings. If you encounter any difficulties, consult the F-Secure Password Manager documentation or contact their support team for further assistance.