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IrvmanHH Viestejä: 1 New Member
editoi maaliskuu 2023 kohteessa F-Secure Internet Security

As a haaga-helia student I received a code. I already had a subscription valid at the time of receiving it. Now that I need to renew subscription I got an error. How do I get a new code for 5 devices?

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  • FS_Linda
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    Hi @IrvmanHH,

    I can see that there is already one discount added to your My F-Secure account which means it's not possible to apply another discount. You can renew your existing subscription by logging in to your My F-Secure account and clicking on 'Renew now' in order to make a renewal purchase.

    In case this doesn't work or if you have other questions regarding the student discount renewal, please contact our support and provide your discount code so that we can check the situation.

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