Virus Killed Exe

Using F-Prot via Charter Security Suite was cautioned to not enter a website. Clicked on request more info, read that then backed out. Virus warning for a Backdoor Trojan popped up on Security Suite. Said isolated but not cleaned until a restart. As I click restart Windows security pops up warning of the same virus. You guessed it..Locked up. Was able to use the start menu from XP to restart. When it came back up I've become unable to run any executable files. Everything asks what program would you like to use to open this program....So. Can't run Security Suite. Can do online scans and updates but eventually locks and quits without cleaning or repairing anything? Thoughts? Advice? Ideas? A REALLY big hammer?

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  • BenTBenT Posts: 11
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    Perhaps the File Association has been remove by the virus, if you are using XP maybe you could try to download this file and run it to fix the problem :-



    downlaod with another computer and extra it to the the desktop.


    copy the "xp_exe_fix.reg" over to the error machine and double click to run it, that should fix the problem.


  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,098


    I guess you are using "F-Secure" from "Charter Security Suite", not "F-Prot".


    Use the Rescue-CD to clean the system.


    If still fails give more details an what Trojan and what file is effected.




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