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I saw a blog post (https://labsblog.f-secure.com/2017/04/25/f-secure-xfence-little-flocker/) mentioning that XFENCE will have some kind of cloud functionality added to it. I absolutely DO NOT want this! I want XFENCE to just stay local in "power user mode" and only check the internet for software updates. I don't want rules containing what software I run or what directory structure I have going to anyone's servers. Not even a security company's. Can F-Secure promise to keep to the original Little Flocker vision/functionality as promised when they first bought LF?


Honestly the functionality it has now is perfect! For me it just needs software updates to stay compatible with new OS versions and I'd be super happy. I'd even be willing to pay an annual fee for that, but if you suddenly start sending LITERALLY ANY data from my computer to servers I don't control, I will no longer trust XFENCE.


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    I wouldn't worry too much. On Windows side this stuff mainly means you leverage F-Secure's cloudified system for quickly assessing which binaries are safe so not everything needs explicit configurations. Having your own settings in a cloud is an orthogonal thing. The thing is, with the Windows-like functionality majority of users do not *need* configurations, including those who currently consider themselves power users.


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