Can't register on XFence

Hello, I'm trying to register to the beta of XFence but I got always a error in the registration. Thanks!!

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    Sorry for my reply (I do not use Mac ... and so - I not able to check it with F-Secure XFENCE);


    How I can to understand your steps was next:


    --> You opened specific XFENCE beta-program link and tried to use button "Register" (as fresh registration for F-Secure beta-portal);

    --> When you type there your mail-address and enter - it will create such situation (as your screenshot);


    Does it valid for your experience?


    If yes - do you able to try next option-steps:


    ----> Just open main beta-portal page as:

    ----> Register there your account (with your mail) as "create fresh account";

    ----> Login with your credentials to portal and check if there available XFENCE beta-program and choose it. Or from XFENCE promo beta-page (with your fresh credentials) directly;


    If no - sorry for my suggestions (and if you already have beta account; so maybe you able to try latest step as check if there available beta-program XFENCE with beta-portal and your account);


    Sorry for my reply. I think that such situation anyway should be fixed. So, will be good if there F-Secure Team did some response.



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