Is it possible to upgrade a FREEDOME subscription to SAFE?

I have a valid subscription to F-Secure Freedome for 7 devices. With the release of the integrated (and improved?) all-in-one package SAFE, is it possible to upgrade from my existing Freedome subscription to a SAFE one?




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    Hi @BrandonFletcher,


    Safe and Freedome are two different and separate software solutions.

    If you are already using Freedome (VPN) you can separately buy F-Secure Safe. There is no difference between separately buying Freedome and Safe  instead of F-Secure Total Security and VPN (that combines F-Secure Safe and F-Secure Freedome) - but prices may vary.


    F-Secure Total Security and VPN = F-Secure Safe + Freedome


    For further information you can visit

    FAQs: Are the products that are in total security and privacy different from the standalone products?



     All in all you can't "upgrade" or transform your Freedome subscription to F-Secure Safe or F-Secure Total Security and VPN. But there is technically no difference  to buy Freedome and F-Secure Safe separately instead of Total Security.




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