Website seen as malicious. False positive?

While trying to download the latest CCleaner F-Secure marks as malicious.

False positive I presume.






John Jacobs

The Netherlands


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    Sorry for my reply (I also F-Secure user).


    With such situations usually helpful transfer-URL to F-Secure SAS:


    They able to re-rate/do response about situtation. With work days it can to take about day/two days.



    With my situation - I also able to get block-page for this certain URL (as harmful/malicious-rated website).

    But looks like that not all piriform (download.) resources/URLs marked as harmful.




    At least: other solutions available; and previous CCleaner build also available by related URL.

    But fresh build installer (your URL) and (at least - Pro trial installer also) blocked as harmful page.


    Also I using CCleaner PRO (where available autoupdate feature) - so it will install fresh build (F-Secure do not trigger something and do not prevent downloading).


    I think maybe detection (f/p blocking page as malicious) can be about bundle for first-try experience with Piriform/CCLeaner installer (previously it was with Google Chrome suggestion or/and plugins/addons for Chrome) - how I can to understand this is still can be there.

    If I normally remember - time to time Piriform-downloading-resource marked as malicious page under F-Secure Security Cloud by somewhat reasons. Transferring URL to F-Secure SAS most likely helpful step.




    Sorry for my reply.



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