Unable to install F-secure

I renewed my F-Secure orderer and I am trying to Install it. However, it keeps on jamming and telling me that " Cant continue installation because  some important files are missing". What does that mean and what can I do about it?

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    Sorry for my reply.

    Current trouble maybe can be based on some of points (and usually can be about broken installation or stuck some files under the system).


    There was also next topic:


    (where was URLs to the articles and suggestions about direct Support by F-Secure channels as chat/call-phone);



    But I can to think that there can be helpful steps like:


    --> Uninstall F-Secure (SAFE? IS? AV?) by common steps (Windows Control Panel) - if it visible as installed. And restart system.


    --> Will use F-Secure Uninstall Tool:



    If you have installed other F-Secure solutions (like Freedome or F-Secure Key - it can be "uninstalled" by this tool too. If you have installed it - maybe be sure that - you have backup of F-Secure KEY databases and Freedome license known for you - to re-activate it later);


    --> And re-try install F-Secure else one time.


    Sorry for my reply.



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