Why is renewal more expensive than a new subscription?

I wanted to update my F-Secure Antivirus subscription today, but noticed that a 1 year renewal (€49.90) costs more than a new subscription for one year (€39.95). This makes absolutely no sense to me? I've been using F-Secure for 6 years now; is this how loyal customers are rewarded? Is there any reason why I should not order a new subscription and still go for the renewal?


By the way: My current _24_ month renewal from 2 years ago and the one before that, also 24 months,  cost €49.90 as well. So effectively the prices have doubled since then...



  • Laksh
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    Hi GvanderVen,


    Thank you for reporting it to us. I checked through the page for renewal and the price seen in the main webpage is diffferent than the actual order page. In the main renewal webpage, the price for Anti-Virus seen is €49.90 (3 devices for 1 year). However, once you click on renew in the mainpage and go to the order page, the price for renewal for Anti-Virus is € 34,99 (3 devices for 1 year).


    I will forward this to our internal team for them to have a look.








  • Ehm, nope. On the order page, the price is also €49.90.

  • In the mean time, my subscription has expired (leaving me unprotected), because I was waiting for this problem to be solved.


    The order page *still* says €49,90.


    Can you help me with this quickly please?

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I also just F-Secure user.


    But do you talk about provided previously URLs (with them - I also can to see difference between page price and order-page price)? Or your experience about kind of "special" renewal URL from mail-letter (as example) or something else?


    At least - when you open this URL:



    If it not redirected to some of local-websites of F-Secure (and stay called like this URL) - which prices are visible for you?


    For me it will be:

    1 computer, 1 year €24.99


    3 computers, 1 year €34.99


    If I choose "Renew"-button (for the second option) - it will trigger next https://onlineshop.f-secure.com/789/purl-anti-virus?cart=146946&language=en&currency=EUR


    Where price will be also "€34.99"; and price do not change later (at least with switch to the payment-system; but I did not tried to "renew"/buy it later - so not sure - maybe it change with this step?!);



    Also I can to think that there is can be another URLs (based on specific codes/additional/places) - and maybe you have URL to the order-page (or else something), where price is stuck with another one.

    At least - time to time I met (randomly)  F-Secure store URLs about the special offers and promo-actions or local actions.  Which looks like valid URL with large discount (for the current price?!) - but not sure if it can be valid page later.

  • When I click the first link in your message, I indeed see the prices you mention: €24.99 (1 computer/1 year) and €34.99 (3 computers/1 year). This is however not the link I get to when I follow the steps from the f-secure home page or from the renewal reminder from the antivirus application. I get to:


    Where it states €39.90 for 1 computer and €49.90 for 3 computers (for me anyway).


    The second link you provide however - which is the one that actually matters - does *not* give me the prices that you apparently get. I again get the same €49.90, regardless of whether I a) follow your link directly, b) push the 'Renew' button from the page of your first link, or c) via the 'Renew' button on the link I gave above.


    So... I don't know. Maybe there are different prices for different regions or something (although I would expect the entire euro zone to have the same prices), but then it still doesn't make any sense that a renewal costs more than a new license.

  • Ukko
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    I also able to get "higher price" with:



    But price switched (for me),  when I choose button "renew" (to the "lower"-price);


    And URL next:



    (Where most likely critical for the price can be "789" ; "purl-anti-virus" ; "146946" <-> but this latest maybe more critical)  - which can be as maybe "provider", "which solution/how many", "category of solution/certain page";


    And sorry for my suggestion, but what if there something like "cache"-stuck with your browser (or basket under the shop). Do you tried (or if not - do you able to try) - open this "certain" order page from first.. with "inPrivate" (or something like that) mode of browser?


    What if it will change anything or anyway... by somewhat reason - you will be still with "stuck-higher"-price?

  • Ukko
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    // as additional to my previous reply. I just a little be tried to repeat situation with my experience (about potential browsers stucks or other).


    Ok.. maybe I understand trouble-situation.

    But not sure (still) how to repeat it locally.


    Time to time (randomly) - there is can be indeed this price €49.90 under the order page.


    And look  of webpage a little be "different" with webpage, when price is changed.

    At least: with "€49.90"-style there is have "Confirm order"-tab (between Order information and Done); "Continue"-button there as main (with another design there is "buy"-button);  Does it valid with your experience about order-page?


    So... I still not sure why this situation there (?! if some servers serve customers with "outdated" view of page; and randomly for Holland it more often). At least - when I switch Country-string to Holland  - price do not changed to me (as higher-view). And I not understand briefly about potential step to get it locally with my experience about "€49.90" (but looks like that possible with certain setting);


  • I appreciate the help Ukko.


    I tried clearing my browser cache, cookies and emptied the shopping basket. Tried using Edge instead of Chrome, but all without any effect. The price remains the same.

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. Just as some additional to this troubles.


    I decided today re-check situation with F-Secure Freedome.


    So, I installed it; Choose Finland as location (because suomi page also have this "higher"-price, which can be switched to the "lower"-price with my experience).

    And choose renewal-button. So, the price under the order-page stay with "€49.90" (and there is indeed "changes" with view, which I wrote previously). And looks like that payment-system will be also with "€49.90";


    So, at least your experience should be also valid for suomi-users too.


    And not sure - if it not known yet (as trouble and not valid situation) or just it expected situation (I read that Steam work like that, where different prices for different locations can be; and possible get "location-price" just with certain location). 


    And I not sure that I able to understand reasons (if it mistake) - just if certain servers wrongly serve certain locations. And as result there is "another" (outdated or not) page (with higher-price) under the F-Secure order-shop page too.


    Sorry for my reply (just as additional not just to your experience, but about situation with full meanings).

  • Laksh
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    Hi @GvanderVen,


    I communicated this to our internal team for further checking. They did mention to me that the prices are regional.


    Regarding your renewal, I will get back to you via private message for further discussion.

  • Just in case Ukko or someone else is interested in how this all played out:


    I got a 'special discount' offer to get a 1 year renewal for €39.90. This was after my license already expired, so I didn't know if that would even still work if I got it. So I decided to just get a new license instead; it was the same price anyway, that that would certainly reset the clock for another 12 months.

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