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seems there's nothing to expect before 2017... we'll have to make do :)

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    I expected such a possibility
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    Sorry for my reply.


    But based on this mail (basically with last week - randomly - I found letter under the spam-folder under gmail-account and unspam it) - how I can to understand there will be dropped a lot of security features.


    Does this (or some of them) features will be re-designed and re-added? Or (this_dropped) previous security features will be missing with release.. and if security features will be added later... this is will be just fresh one?


    Sorry for ask.

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    I guess some features will not be apparent any longer but will stay, the engine will be revamped... so bad there is no mention of the bank protection which still sucks imo

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    I mainly think about security features like spam-protection or DeepGuard's some-of -additional (like "trying to connection by unknown application").


    This things (and some other ones) looks like will be removed - and I not understand  - totally removed; Or maybe for this security features will be "re-design" or "re-add" with another feature, but which cover related layers.

    Certainly I can to understand that will be (or may be) just totally fresh features, but what about potentially "dropped" this ones.


    Why this features as example:


    --> With my experience - I do not use this spam-protection feature (mainly because do not use this supported mail-clients or when it was "in use" - I not get experience about spam-letters; as result.. if protection is work - I not understood), BUT each time when I read review or test-results practically always there best words about protection against spam and how it works.

    In fact... if this feature will be dropped and re-placed by F-Secure own technology (and not matter if with less powerful-point) - I think this is can be interesting;


    --> I more often get DeepGuard about "network connection by unknown application" with "suspicious" situations, when with normal ones. Of course, more often "false-positive"... but this feature was optionally.

    And most likely can to be helpful more, than some of other (for me); At least it visible, when "unknown" application (which not planned to do network connection) tried do this in fact;


    Not critical points, but just interesting for proper undestand.


    I feel OK about some of things like improvements with Scheduled scan or more "autohandling" by DeepGuard or real-time protection, but based on my experience with F-Secure Ultralight AV.....  this is not always enough.

     And also... this cloud-design (utilization of network) maybe not for my network connection. Just because during usage this... more visible delay with web, downloading; and main troublepoint - if for one router connected more devices.... Action by ultralight AV (scanning or other network usage maybe) under one device --- goes to do result, when ping/network speed under ANOTHER devices changed Smiley Sad ;

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    this why I'm anxious to test what will come out to make my opinion, F-S people use to deliver quality software, so... wait and see Smiley Wink

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    So, yes. :)

    Mainly because it - my dreams also that - not so nice that there is delay.


    But good point that delay -  just because not enough quality yet (for release it as tp (such as "high quality rate" for tp-releases too));


    But with recent days and today... I found that my installation with FS Protection (and not with F-Secure SAFE stable probably) have some troubles with web-rating. Such as.. if security cloud work with mistakes or if "known" rating for pages is missing.


    Because: a lot of pages marked as "unrated" or with "unknown content" - which previously was properly rated and known one pages too (like github, microsoft pages and other large companies official websites) under the devices, where FS Protection installed;

    I can to think that this is can be related with changes too (and re-design something under the security-cloud features). Or maybe not.. and there is just required some kind of refresh for cache or something like that.

  • From what I recall of that letter, the gist was "we're making things less configurable and removing the option to disable / configure X componet (so that new users?? don't have to worry about understanding what things do or disable something they shouldn't? guessing) to make things more secure, out of the box, for new users.. maybe.


    Personally, If that's the gist, then I'd like to have some deep menu option or registry hack to remain in control of my fine tuning, selective quarantine (ing), and etc.





  • I think it is still too early to guess or expect what it will be for new version of FSP. Yes, we all have our own concerns, however, we also know it will always be difference between software developer and users. Let's just wait and see what it will be and be a tester as what we expected to do here. I really enjoy and excite about new version for testing even it takes more time for final fine tuning before releasing. Don't you?

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    I second this but the balance between seasoned users, geeks and click'n run ones is hard to achieve, this is why testers are welcome to express constructive thoughts which the developers can or cannot take into account, let alone the marketing side of things.

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