Safe Browsing?

How do I check if Safe Browsing is working on Chrome/Android? It says it is on, but how do I check? Should anything be displayed in the address bar or in search results?


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    No it stays in the background and kicks in when needed
  • so there's no way to test it?

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    @registradus wrote:

    so there's no way to test it?

    You could search for something like 'keygens', 'warez', or something else dodgy, and you should see the ratings on the search results.  Otherwise, I think it's a matter of trusting it, a bit like the airbags on your car.  Smiley Wink

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    This is also based on points... what you want to check.

    There was helpful page :

    Mainly about desktops.....


    But if you want to re-check if Safe Browser will block malicious harmful pages... so there have some good points for test it.

    Under the previous URL was some of places, where you able to get some of test pages.  F-Secure test page or under some of services.

    With some of services (where page is not malicious, but security companies have rating for block it).... also can be test-checks for malicious file downloading or other. For android.



    If you want to re-check other features like Content Blocker or other....  there required more steps.

  • yeah the links on that page were both 404. and the other just said "unsafe" but didn't trigger anything. so I'm not sure if it's the page or the browsing detection that isn't working
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    If you want a real world test just browse warez sites, porn and their kins. On the safe side, have a peek here

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    Yes... first URLs not available (and latest URL).


    The URL, which give the "unsafe" (F-Secure test page) ... yes... this is just page . Smiley Sad

    This is blocked normally by desktops F-Secure SAFE/FS Protection and normally blocked by my Windows Phone ... FS Protection Safe Browser; (so I thought that with Android too, but with my experience after your reply...  Android FS Protection do not blocked this page).


    So... I also not sure already :) if Android should to block this page (or not - just because this is just safe/test page. so proper rating can be just with not just test pages - but I not check it more on current time... about malicious-rated pages);


  • I checked the 'Statistics' and it reports that zero sites have been scanned. So I guess it's not working...

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    Based on points that I not really friendly with Android devices... so I not sure, but looks like that with my experience about:  there is "in somewhat reasons"  troubles with blocking harmful/suspicious-rated pages under Safe Browser.


    I check it just with one Android (outdated probably) device and just with FS Protection Safe Browser;

    I able to open (?!) some of known for me malicious/suspicious-rated pages (which blocked by my Windows Phone or by desktops FS Protection);

    Also there is missing banking flyer (which possible to check under UI) under banking web pages.


    I not sure.. if there should be properly "set-up"-steps for activate it. But previously blocking worked (?!). I re-check some dreams about potentially reasons.. but situation do not changed for my experience.

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    Hi @registradus


    These domains can be used to test our URL rating. They are rated according to the name, but in reality safe to enter.




    (F-Secure R&D)


  • nope. nothing. safe Browsing is not working

  • (in Chrome or Safe Browser)
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    Looks like there was some kind of trouble.


    And with my experience, when I update to latest build of FS Protection Android...

    So.. there possible to get block pages and other web-things.


    You able to re-try URLs, which created there by Ville.

    With my experience and up-to-date installation of FS Protection for Android smartphone Safe Browser... URLs blocked with visible block page.

  • OK. I will update. and try again
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