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So 3 weeks back I went for F-Secure SAFE Trial. Today I bought F-Secure Retail Key in store, where I work and now Im wondering - how the hell am I supposed to activate it? Following the in-box instructions doenst help, so Im here asking You all help!


  • Simon
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    It would probably be best to uninstall the trial and reinstall the current version through the SAFE Portal.  You should find an option to use your retail key in the Orders and Payments section of the portal.  

  • Already looked over,  but cant find a way to Uninstall SAFE or remove the trial in portal.

  • How MyF-Secure looks:


    How Orders and Payments look:

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,676 Superuser

    Well, you can uninstall the trial just by using Add / Remove Programs in Windows.  Sorry, perhaps it wasn't clear, that's what I meant.


    On the first screenshot, what happens when you click Add Device or Add Person?  I'm on the Beta program, so I haven't used SAFE for a while, and I can't quite recall how the installation bit works.  With one of them, I would assume it would give the option to install, but you must make sure that the key you have purchased is for SAFE, and not just Internet Security other some other variant, as the license keys are product specific.


    On the second screenshot, I notice there's a thin scroll line on the right hand side.  Is there anything right at the bottom of the page that you may not have seen?  If not, then you won't be the first one to say that you can't see a link to enter a code on that screen.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot I can do to help, as I have it on my screen, and although several other people have asked, as far as I am aware, we've not had a solution posted on the forum.  You may need to open a Support Ticket to ask the tech guys about that, but if you do find an answer, please post it here!  :)

  • Uninstalled, restarted PC - same behaviour.


    Add person opens invitation page, Add device prompts to download the installer.

    Scroll line just goes down to the standart page footer with the support/contact us and stuff like that.

    Can You post a screenshot with how it should look like?

    And thanks for help anyways!


    Oh and the key is for SAFE. It says it ON THE GODDEAMN BOX! Smiley Very Happy

  • Simon
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    OK, so what happens if you download and run the installer?  Does it not ask for a key during that process?


    This is my Orders and Payments screen:



  • Installer asks for account, and upon entering it goes for the trial version.

    As far as I understand - I cant add a new subscription while trial is active. Which is stupid to be honest...

  • Simon
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    I wish I knew why some people can see the Enter a Code button, and some can't. I agree, it should be simple to upgrade to a full subscription from a trial version. Smiley Sad
  • Still sitting in Live Chat and watching email... No answer Smiley Sad

  • SITREP - Support removed my trial account, so I can re-register with the same email and activate my retail copy. All is good now! Thanks for help!

  • SDP
    SDP Posts: 2

    This still does not help me.

    I should not have to "chat" with a representative to have to install my personal code.

    I am on a trial version too and was unable to activate my personal code. I am having the same problem.

  • SDP
    SDP Posts: 2

    I am having the same issues. All that shows up is the free trial. I even uninstalled and re-installed. Same thing. This is a waste of my time to have to try to get this to work.

  • jay10
    jay10 Posts: 3

    i am having the same issues

    it actually asks for campaign name  and  subscription key

    i read the box many times and i cant find that "campaign name". 

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