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After updating to MAC OS Sierra, I can´t log on to the freedom. I´m using the F Secure Total, enter the email and password, and the security code from the Duo app. The I get the message that I don´t have a lisence.  My F-Secure SAFE subscription is for almost one more year. 

Br. Roger

MacOS Sierra, 10.12

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  • Laksh
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    Hi LordR,


    May I know if you are signing into the Freedome using your SAFE login details? Also, are you are installing Freedome for the first time?

  • Hello! Thanks for the reply. I´m using the same as on the Safe login details, and it´s not for the first time. I have used it one year, and the problem started after updating to Mac OS Sierra. 

    Br Roger

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,444 Forum Super Master

    Hi LordR,


    Do you have a subscription code for Freedome? Were you using Freedome with the subscription code before (for the 1 year)?


    You can only install SAFE using your SAFE account and licenses. If you are using the same SAFE credentials, you cannot install Freedome with the licenses available in SAFE.


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,444 Forum Super Master

    In addition, this article has more information about Total and SAFE subscription.

  • Sorry but it should be possible to switch between different products  under one central dashboard.


    I am responsible for four different users and their computers, so central licence mangement is a must.


    No possibility to add F-Secure Freedome to my exisiting subscription is a no go.

  • I have been in contact with support on chat. I bought a licence of SAFE for two years, WITH the Freedome. But now, after one year, "of security reasons", you have stopped the Freedom and I have to buy an own subsciption for Freedome. If I want to have the Total package, "we are not able to compensate for the remaining SAFE subscription". I feel it´s a scam and I´m looking for another solution!! 

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