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After updating to MAC OS Sierra, I can´t log on to the freedom. I´m using the F Secure Total, enter the email and password, and the security code from the Duo app. The I get the message that I don´t have a lisence.  My F-Secure SAFE subscription is for almost one more year. 

Br. Roger

MacOS Sierra, 10.12

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    Hi @LordR,


    F-Secure Total is a new product which was launched recently. The offer you are referring to here was the  “Buy SAFE, Get 1year of Freedome for free” offer. The offer ended on September 30th, 2015 last year. In this offer, if you have purchased SAFE (no matter if it is 1 or 2 year SAFE subscription), you get 1 year of Freedome voucher (based on your number of licenses).


    I believe you are referring to this offer as F-Secure Total was not present in 2015. In that case, this offer might have ended considering you have used Freedome for 1 year. The offer was only applicable for 1 year Freedome license.


    You may also check this post (last year) which has similar information about this offer. In your case, the Freedome you got was from the offer and not from Total.


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    Hi LordR,


    May I know if you are signing into the Freedome using your SAFE login details? Also, are you are installing Freedome for the first time?

  • Hello! Thanks for the reply. I´m using the same as on the Safe login details, and it´s not for the first time. I have used it one year, and the problem started after updating to Mac OS Sierra. 

    Br Roger

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    Hi LordR,


    Do you have a subscription code for Freedome? Were you using Freedome with the subscription code before (for the 1 year)?


    You can only install SAFE using your SAFE account and licenses. If you are using the same SAFE credentials, you cannot install Freedome with the licenses available in SAFE.


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    In addition, this article has more information about Total and SAFE subscription.

  • Sorry but it should be possible to switch between different products  under one central dashboard.


    I am responsible for four different users and their computers, so central licence mangement is a must.


    No possibility to add F-Secure Freedome to my exisiting subscription is a no go.

  • I have been in contact with support on chat. I bought a licence of SAFE for two years, WITH the Freedome. But now, after one year, "of security reasons", you have stopped the Freedom and I have to buy an own subsciption for Freedome. If I want to have the Total package, "we are not able to compensate for the remaining SAFE subscription". I feel it´s a scam and I´m looking for another solution!! 

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