Turn off incessant (every 20 seconds!) popup for subscription renewal

RW_PRX Posts: 1 Observer

I know you want to warn us that our subscription is about to expire, but why do you believe it necessary to have such an annoying, incessant reminder..every 20 SECONDS...seriously???


that level of badgering is making me think about buying another provider's services.  We don't like being hassled into purchasing.... we buy it because it's good.


Please turn that off..or at least reduce the frequency to once a day or so.



  • kmkyap
    kmkyap Posts: 2

    I am experiencing a similar problem. Sometimes I am getting a couple within a minute but then the frequency can reduce to once every five minutes. This is excessive. Can someone tell me how to switch this off. I really would like to leave the renewal for a couple more days as I am a little strapped for cash right now. Have to say that I am tempted to look for another product too. 


    I am not exaggerating regarding frequency of reminders. It's like that drip drip water torture thing. Bit of a turn off ........... ;-)

  • I signed up just to add my voice to this complaint. Once every minute or two is well beyond the pale of excessive.  Once a day is PLENTY.  I'm planning to uninstall the program and use something else just because the badgering is so ridiculous.

    There needs to be a simple, easy-to-use method to turn off the reminders -- something like a check box for 'please do not remind me again for 24 hours' added to the popup.

  • Enough is enough. I decided not to renew my company's f-secure safe subscription because of these messages.

  • rkc01
    rkc01 Posts: 1

    Why antagonise your customers!

    I was happy to renew nearer the time but this is making me look to other vendors. Minute reminders are not acceptable.

  • Hatsie
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    I'll admit I'm "only" getting this once a day, but come on! I have more than a month before the subscription expires. How about once a week when you're six weeks out, twice a week when you're four weeks out and daily when you're two weeks out? It feels like ransomware -- pay up or we'll bug you 'til the end of time.

  • F-User9
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    2 and a half years later, and still no fix for this. Daily (or more often) NAG NAG NAG about renewal is same as MALWARE.  Fix this, F-Secure, or you will continue to annoy and lose customers. Please provide a checkbox or other way to turn OFF the unwanted renewal notices!  We only need to be told ONCE. If not fixed by 01.01.2020, I will be moving on to another product. Kaspersky, BitDefender, and even Norton provide a way to turn OFF the renewal notices. Please get with the 21st century, F-Secure! Thank you.

  • F-User9
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    They aren't going to fix it. They do not listen to their customers. Competing products allow you to disable unwanted renewal nags. F-Secure refuses to do so.  Lesson learned; F-Secure behaves like uncontrollable malware popups. No more F-Secure products for me or my company, ever!

  • Ukko
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    """"""'They aren't going to fix it. They do not listen to their customers. Competing products allow you to disable unwanted renewal nags. F-Secure refuses to do so.""""" Hello, Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions). Actually, certain this feature request is something about else rather than still current trouble. Perhaps, your experience is about current design with renewal reminder. That should appears each(?) restart, each day (midnight?), for each user at login. But this is reminder prompt at start up(?!) system and with rare situations when there are triggers to show it again. It is possible to close reminder. or to renew subscription (there were words that 'remained days' should be added to subscription duration - but I did not check it by my own). And I did not remember any other unwanted prompts or popups. Thanks!