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I have created BOOT Scan CD using the instruction sheet which is on the f secure website. as I boot the system using the CD but it asking me to have internet connectivity to download update packages to start scan further . I have tried out using Pen drive by coping the updated database file from the website then it allow me to scan the system.

But it is not allowing me to start scan without pendrive.It start and says that trying to connect and unable to fetch data form the server this going on untill I restart the system. I have a Router which has DHCP enabled.


I just wanted to know how this will it work  like while booting stage how the system will get connected to the internet. Is there any way to get IP Connectivity to intenet while booting.


Thanks in Advance...


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    I still not seeing any resoultion on this below is the link which raised for the same issue.


    Please update me.




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    Hi Erus,


    If your computer is unable to connect to the internet, you can download the updates to an USB drive and proceed with the scan.


    More information is given under the 'Downloads and Instructions' section in this webpage.

    Instructions on how to do this are included in the Rescue CD User's Guide.



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    Hi @Erus,


    Just to keep you updated, I have moved your post to the correct board.

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    Hi ,


    thanks for the update but as far as I have cheked with USB pen drive, it worked for me as a mention it in source message. I need to start using internet connection. how it is done. I have Cable Modem with DHCP enbaled.





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    No I still not have any solution for this, can you please sugget.





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