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Hello. My subscription has about one month to go and I got the special offer email with 15 months etc. I paid for that online, but do not know where to put in my code. Do I really have to download the application again -- it is working fine on my mac already, I just want to extend it.

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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi rdm,


    You can enter the new subscription on to your devices only 30 days before the expiry of the current subscription. If you already have Freedome installed, you can just validate the license under Subscription in the application.

  • rdmrdm Posts: 5

    Many thanks, but there is no place there in Subscription for me to enter the code? It just says Subscription active till July 25.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi rdm,


    Just to confirm with you, is your issue with the subscription happening on a Mac OS? Is your previous subscription also purchased from F-Secure?

  • rdmrdm Posts: 5

    Yes, Mac OS, and yes, purchased from F-Secure

  • lobo1970lobo1970 Posts: 5

    Same here!

    I got several emails that my subscription is about to expire, though it is vaild until Dec 6th. I bought the 15 months offer and do not have a field where I can put in my code.

    Mac OSX and iOS 

  • lobo1970lobo1970 Posts: 5

    No, it is expiring on 6th Dec.

    I was wondering why I get the notification of expiration so early. First it came a month ago.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi lobo1970,


    Do you still see the pop up message for renewal in Freedome?

  • lobo1970lobo1970 Posts: 5

    It’s no popup I got three mails in the last few weeks

  • rdmrdm Posts: 5

    Mine has now finally allowed me to enter the purchase code and is working.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Glad to know it is resolved, @rdm. Thanks for updating.

    @lobo1970, we are checking about the emails you received with our Freedome team. I will keep you posted.

  • MikatMikat Posts: 1

    I purchased new Freedom license to extend my subsciption  (ending in January), why is not possible to put in the code already now. I don't understand why you make it so difficult for existing customers to use your marketing offers. Now I have to wait till January before I can activate my new subsciption.

  • Yes it expired today. I have my reference # that I was given in my e-mail confirmation.

  • No to the mac it is windows and yes I subscribed on the f-secure freedome site.

  • I never received a code just reference number.

  • TapsuccaTapsucca Posts: 501 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi and thank you for your message,


    I will send you a personal message where you can find you license key.

  • Thank you. I hate going with out my Freedome. It just don't feel right.
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