Freedome Lot of interuption

I have had the Freedom about two years. I have often interruptions in network traffic and is very unhappy . Is it malfunction or be it a special setting in the router that I use.
I use iPhone 6 and iPad Air with latest OS . Freedom .
I often try second server such as Espo , Stockholm , Copenhagen sometimes with a little improvement , however, is not permanent. Running wifi 50 mbit
I never have problems without VPN .
Regularly streaming movies.

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  • kennybekennybe Posts: 26
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    I have not contacted our support because of the following reason:
    In the family, we use the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 and iPad Air via wifi. We have in two years frequently had problems with break "dropouts" when using Freedome. Very annoying.
    At home I have an ASUS Router type RT-N66U. I began to study the characteristics of Apple Routers. Many said that they are very stable whithout "dropouts", who often where found on other brands.
    I bought a new router, the Apple Airport Extreame AC. Have now tried it a few days and found that the haproblems disappeared. The function Airplay mirroring the movie on TV also works stably.
    It shows that there is a clear advantage to stick to one brand for all devices.
    It is strange that the F-Secure does not give advice on hardware environments.

    Greetings from a user which two years of torment is now resolved.
    // Kennybe


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