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hi all,


i have disabled windows updates(windows 7) and i update windows updates manually.but recently i noticed f-secure Internet Security  is starting windows update service automatically.is there any way to stop this?does f-secure have a service to check the status of windows updates?




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    Possible there is missing such feature/option, but if you "set up Windows Updates" (disabled or manual check) else one time.. you can to do that. And settings will be saved.


    Most likely changes comes by F-Secure (yes), but after cleaning/removal action.


    Such as... if F-Secure IS detected malicious files under local drive (or a lot of malicious files per scan). Or hard to clean malicious/suspicious files. Troubles with system by malicious actions or something like that.

    If this is triggered "restart" system (for get result) - it will be probably as "restore Windows Updates settings".


    Same can be with using Cleanup Tool (Online Scanner) with cleaning/removal action (in all situations probably). It will be (?!) in somewhat reasons (by design) restore Windows Updates settings. By restore there means "autodownload/install".


    Does it possible.. that you have same experience about "cleaning/removal" by F-Secure recently (after configuration Windows Updates and before next check for settings)?


    Sorry for me reply.


    But else can be (?! not likely that this is work maybe) checking for "status of Windows Updates" (as it will be in use) for prevent downloading F-Secure's updates or other actions for prevent stuck between. Such as maybe there have some kind of service/trigger for check Windows Updates status (but not likely that this is should to change anything).

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    What makes you think F-Secure is triggering Windows Updates?
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