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    So, can we basically assume that no one should see this popup unless they've been up to no good on Facebook, whether that be by their own volition or not?

    What I find curious is that those who have given up on the scan as it appeared to have stalled, have then done manual scans which have found no malware. So, what is Facebook detecting which prompts the alerts?

  • Simon,

    I doubt your going to get a straight answer on that one :)

    It would require one of the people involved in that "activity" to reply here.

    I can try to find the FB guidelines on this when I get some free time, that will narrow it down. PeAcE

  • Simon
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    Lol! Well, several already have! Smiley Very Happy
  • I meant with details, the tool seems to have a  Behavioural aspect to it Smiley Tongue

  • Simon, yes, if Facebook profile behaves in suspisious way, it will be put into remediation flow. Of course, detection criteria are not 100% precise so there can be false positives.


    Running "normal" F-Secure Online Scanner from our web site will not help to release profile regardless of scan result. To release profile, Facebook backend expects a termination signal from the scanner, and this signal can only be sent by our scanner that comes from Facebook. "Normal" Online Scanner doesn't send this signal. The only way to release is to complete the flow: download scanner manually from the link provided on Facebook page and run it:



    There are many threats that dwell in Facebook, Twitter and other social networks nowadays, and some of them are on the rise. It is not a secret. Read about it:





  • Simon
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    OK, thanks for the info, DK.
  • Cant log
  • Glory this not working try to log to facebook cant someone know
  • Could you give more details? At what Facebook page do you currently stuck?

  • I have been locked out of my fb account, after clicking to run F-Secure.  What do I do?

  • Please check out this one. It can be so that you downloaded scanner but didn't run it.



  • Está afectada por alguna cuenta de terceros
  • Simon
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    Please post in English. There is plenty of information about this issue in this thread.
  • lwbx
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    Allow me to express my frustration with this partnership. I ran my security scanner as well as the F-Secure scanner tool from the website and both returned messages indicating there is no infection of malaware on my system, yet I am locked in this endless loop of the product from Facebook and locked out of my account from the computer....on CYBERMONDAY!!! What makes this any worse than any real infection I could get from the Internet? These two companies have to get on the ball and fix this problem.



  • Unfortunately, running Online Scanner from F-Secure website will not unlock Facebook. Only scanner made for Facebook can do it, but you should run it and let it finish the scan. Please check out this link. 




    There are not-so-obvious steps in the Facebook flow. Sometimes people just download scanner but don't run it.


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    Did both the day I posted the query. Also scanned using a third malware/virus detection tool. Results all the same: No Malware. System is clean. This is something inherent with Facebook. Any advice?

  • This time the ball goes to Facebook support.

  • One more thing to check... Sometimes if you have few PCs in your homestead, you should log onto Facebook and run Online Scanner on all of those systems. It can be so that PC 1 is clean and PC 2 is found infected by Facebook detection sensors. When you run scan on PC 1; Facebook still sees something suspicios on PC 2 and does not allow to log on any PCs belonging to the same IP router address.


    Log on to Facebook to all PCs using the same account and do the scan.

  • I really REALLY don't want to outsource my computer security to Facebook. I'm a digital reporter and the idea that my computer can be only as secure as Fedbook wants is disturbing in the extreme. 


    On Facebook's own page about the issue it says that you can skip the scan, but the fact is that you cannot. Today, prior to signing in to Facebook, I ran two different malware scans, both updated today, and they both told me my system was clean. 


    I'm beginning to suspect this is simply because I'm running an adblocker. In any case, other than the person on the first page who reported Facebook to the better business bureau, I don't see any actual solutions. 


    The security of our own computers must be subject to Facebook approval. This does not work for me. It's no reflection on F-Secure, but it's a very serious issue. I will not change the way my computer is configured to fall in line with any corporate demands.


    We just want to use Facebook. We just want to share stupid memes and look at each others' Christmas pictures. Why do I have to allow Facebook to root through my computer in order to sign in?

  • I had the same. And can not acces my account now

     My sister had someone posting on her name some weird videos  and I deleted them , then my account became crazy


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    This  is exactly the same thing that has happened to me....and when I tried to do the download- several times, first I get ESET and another time Techo Micro...and still nothing has happened...I deleted those two from my system and the real F Secure was downloaded, and like you-- no threats.  This time around I got the same F Secure Logo and it began the download and still nothing has happened !!  Locked out of everything to do with FACEBOOK !!!! Frustrated and pissed off

  • Please make sure you not only download the scanner but also run it.

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    I downloaded the Facebook F-Secure scanner as instructed but it will not run. I've tried running it as a the administrator, opening it in different ways but it will not run. What should i do?

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    Facebook F-Secure scanner appears to be a diguised data-harvesting tool .  It is an absurd commercial exercise that apparently benefits Facebook and is of no use whatsoever to Facebook users.  Ours has now been running for more than 4 hours.  [via Win 8.1 and Mozilla Firefox].  We solve the problem by using MS IE.  I suppose it is ony a matter of time before Facebook F-Secure is applied to MS IE at which point we will stop using Facebook.for any reason.

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    Facebook F-Secure is probably a data-harvesting program disguised as an obligatory benefit for Facebook users.  It is , in any avent, an absurd commercial excerscise that can benefit only Facebook and is of no use whatsoever to Facebook users. I have relied on Ad-Aware, Malwarebytes, & Hitman Pro to effectively protect our PC from the fictional infections touyed by Facebook F-Secure, which is apparently useless [except for the probable harvesting of data] On our PC w/ Win 8.1 and using Mozilla Firefox, the "scanner " has been running for more tha 4 hours.  We avoid this issue by using MS IE to access Facebook without difficulty.  I suppose that Facebook will eventually apply the same obligatory "benefit to MS IE, at which time we shall simply stop using Facebook and try one or more of its competitors.

  • So I had the same problem I was readin in the commentaries. I had no idea what the hell was going on and I was still able to use all other sites online so it just made no sense and I became suspicious when it told me to download this link to correct the problem. My husband tried a few things but we did NOT download the link. Finally after trying many things he deleted my history on my computer, I signed in my FB and it worked. It no longer asked me to download the link..Odd to say the least, I was able to use my FB on a different computer in my home and on my cell and had no problems, just on my work computer. Felt I should share my findings and what worked for me since I didn't see anyone post anything that helped. 

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    i cont open my facebook acount its run
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    chỉ tôi cách làm


  • you login facebook and open F-secure malware new version and full scan. All malware will be deleted. F-secure very good. I feel very happy about it

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    my problem ended up being 38 people riding on my WIFI modem thru Comcast; changed my IP address password, but still have a problem getting in


    EDIT: Removed PII


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