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Why is Freedome blocking Pornhub? I can access the site but the videos won't play. This happens on every platform. Is there a specific reason for this? Disabling the tracking option lets me watch the video but I don't think I should be forced into choosing from being tracked or watching a simple video. If this issue is not solved I'll take my business elsewhere where they don't control what I can watch.

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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640
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    Hello Markoceella, 


    Pornhub is tracking what the users do online and refuses to show any videos if it cannot confirm that their user behavior tracking is working. As the anti-tracking option in Freedome is meant to block such tracking, disabling it is necessary to access their videos.


    Freedome does not block the video itself but the tracking attempts.



  • Thank you Ben for clearing this up. Apparently I was barking up the wrong tree, my apologies.

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