HI HELLO I installing i have 3 devices but i dont see cannot activate

HI HELLO I  installing  i have  3 devices but i dont  see   cannot  activate


  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 235 F-Secure Employee

    Hi qeyre,


    Welcome to the Community.


    May I know where did you purchase the F-Secure Key from? And which device you are trying to install it. Please explain further in order for us to help you further.



  • P.J.M. Lavrijssen

    I have no key for my F-secure booster.

    My referentienummer: xxxxxx



    EDIT : Remove Purchase Reference number.

  • Can I get my Key Please.
  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 235 F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Lavrijssen,


    I have moved your post to the correct board and I will send you a private message regarding your License key information.


    Thank you.

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