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After looking on the FAQ on your help page, it seems a bit of a waste of time me mentioning it, as so many seem to have the same problem and not getting any answer, but just want to point out, the Prevent File Recovery tool in about as much use as a Chocolate Teapot.

Afler several attempts to use this tool, I left the computer on all night to see if it would complete this operation, but ended up with the same result, job not completed.

Is anyone at that end taking any notice of this problem so many people seem to be having.


Would appreciate any reply or helpon this matter.


Regards Baz-27


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    Hi @Baz-27,


    I have moved your post to the relevant board. Based on the information on this article, it does take a longer time as the size of the data can be quite large, and the software has to overwrite the data with random information to completely erase it.

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    I tried several time to run the Prevent file recovery without any luck, still would not complete the operation, so I uninstalled the programme, and accepted its just no good, anybody thinking of purchasing "F Secure Booster" I would say don't bother, but I must admit the F secure security seems to be doing its job.


    Regards Baz

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    My prevent file recovery has been running for some 12 hours and all bars have been coloured orange.  I have run this several times now with the same result.  If I turn the program off or cancel it just goes back to the start position,

    Is there any way to speed this up or to at least to save the work done so far?




    Is this a waste of time when your computer is a few years old as the number of files is too big to cope with?

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    Hi Laksh,

    This seems to be the golden rule of  f-secure,"Pass the buck out to the community"what a way to run a company.All i want to do is delete old files which you say Booster will do and WOW!!!! booster WILL NOT.

    Will be complaining to Virgin Media,as this seems to use this incomp.programme in it's marketing.

    AT last a reply ,low on behold Virgin MEDIA do not use you any more

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    Hi rimbo_ron,


    Sorry to hear about your issue with Booster. The KB article mentioned above has the information regarding the 'Prevent File Recovery' option. You can also open support requests with our support team for the Booster issues which you face.

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