F-Secure Booster. Gone passed number of installs

Just purchased  new pc.

Installed booster and message comes up that I have gone pass number of new installs.

What do I do?

Purchased  booster on 4/5/15. Ref xxxxx

Do not want to purchase product again. Or will take my custom elsewhere



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    Hi @grahamdavid57,


    I have moved your post to the relevant board.


    Regarding your validation issue, I will contact you via PM to check this further.

  • My query is still outstanding.

    Please can I have the issue with booster gone pass installs answer please.


    Puechased 4/5/15. Licence code xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

    Ref No xxxxxxx.


    Purchased win 10 pc and installed booster sw. Message comes up gone pass installs.

    Please could you issue me with another licence code so that the software will work.

    My previous post is now 24 hours old and this query is still outstanding.

    Email [email protected]


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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi grahamdavid57,


    I saw your PM message. However, I have reset your code now to use it on your Windows 10. Could you please retry the activation using your code in Booster?

  • I have the F-Secure booster too, and it gives me the same problem. I bought it earlier this year. It worked well until a few months later it started saying that I need to enter the activation code. I used the same code from when I first activated the product. It gave me a message saying I have surpassed the maximum number of computers for F-Secure Booster. But this is the only computer I have ever installed it on. I tried uninstalling and redownloading it. That did not make any difference. I obviously do not want to rebuy the product just to make it work again. The reciept says it should work for a year. What do I need to do to make the F-Secure Booster work properly again?

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    Hi Mapleclove,


    Was Booster reinstalled recently on your same computer? Could you please send me a private message with your license information so that I can check it further?


    Thank you, Lakesh! Thanks for resetting my activation code. I re-entered it, and my F-secure booster is finally working again. I am glad that I can go back to boasting to my comrades about how effective the booster is. As long as the software does not give me the same problem too frequently, please know that I enjoy its overall performance and its user-friendly interface.

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    Hi @Mapleclove,


    Glad to know the validation worked again. Thanks for your positive feedback and enjoy the product! Smiley Happy

  • albert69albert69 Posts: 8

    The security on this software is appalling. I have paid my hard earned money buying BOOSTER, i installed it, but i re-installed my Windows 10 due to another issue and now BOOSTER tells me my activation key is invalid as it's already registered on another PC. Appalling. No the wonder people pirate software when legitimate customers get messed around .....

  • albert69albert69 Posts: 8

    And by the way, these 'forums' are a disgrace. Most of the posts and replies are from 2015. F- Secure you need to need to be more user friendly, because i don't think these forums are real ....

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    Hi @albert69,


    You may always open a support ticket with our Support team in order to check on your subscription key and to reset it for further installations.


    You can also open a new post in the forum anytime and we would be happy to assist you!

  • albert69albert69 Posts: 8

     Well thats what i did .... 24  hours ago and nothing. Still can't use my software.

  • albert69albert69 Posts: 8

    I have sent another support message. See details below. If anyone can reset my password then great, but it's pretty rubbish that i've bought the product and i havent been able to use it for 2 days. 


    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting F-Secure. We have received the following service request submitted by you:

    Number: xxxx
    Created: 2016-03-07
    Subject: Need to reset my password

    This is an automatic reply which is sent to you as an acknowledgement. Our Customer Care will contact you as soon as possible.


    EDIT: removed PII

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    Hi albert69,


    I have highlighted about your support case to our team. They will be getting back to you soon.

  • albert69albert69 Posts: 8

    Thanks all sorted now. Smiley Happy

  • albert69albert69 Posts: 8
    .... Well I ran all the tests and my task bar would not work. Clicked on a icon and nothing happened. Ended up reinstalling windows 10. Haven't reinstalled this software....
  • albert69albert69 Posts: 8

    ....trying to reinstall this software now and guess what??? Unable to activate the key I PAID FOR as i have suppassed the maximum number of computers. NO I HAVEN'T!!!!!!!!!!..


    I want a refund. Can the admins advise me please on how i go about getting a refund? 


    Your license is appalling, do you not understand people uninstall and reinstall software? 

  • ChameniChameni Posts: 235

    Hi Albert69,


    Sorry for the trouble you had, I  have checked and your refund has been completed. Please check and revert back if you need any further assistance.


    Sorry for any inconvenience caused and have a nice day!


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