Disabling WIndows defender

In earlier versions of WIndows I have manually disabled Windows defender and skipped updates for Maliscious Software removal tool as advice to my question long time ago on the need for them when F-Secure is installed.


Now with Windows 10 there seems to be a problem with that for some other malware protection software.

See eg


On my W10 32 there is ULAV and Windows Defender is off and I do not recall setting that oof.

Does ULAV handle that automatically?


  • yeoldfart
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    same behaviour here: ULAV disabled WD during install

  • Tahvo
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    Windows Defender will not turn of if you are using the Windows 10 home edition and if you turn it off it will automatically turn back on after some time. You will need the Windows 10 Pro, education or enterprise versio to disable Windows defender.

  • yeoldfart
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    my experience is based on W10 x64 pro rtm, did you have this experience on W10 home  personaly ?


  • Tahvo
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    No i dont have this issue because im using Windows 10 Education. I thought it might be because of  the Windows 10 Home edition. Have you tried asking the Windows forum about this issue?

  • martink
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    The question was whether or not UALV turns Defender off or not. Not so much can you manually turn Defender off on any paritcular Windows version.


    I have ULAV on W10 Pro  32 and there Defender is turned off.

    I have  FS TP on  W10 Home 64 and there Defender is turned ott, too.


    In the absence of any better information the answer seems to be that F-S products turn Defender off.


    I put on the wish list that they would also turn the updates on Maliscious Software Removal Tool also off.


    P.S. After I posted this I found


    and verified it on my W8.1 Pro 64. My memory did not serve me right. I recalled it was not desabled.

    Must be related to W7 64 Home were the licensed FS-IS did not turn it off if I now recall correctly.

  • yeoldfart
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    I confirm it's been turned off on W10 x64 pro rig, did not have to intervene

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