Whatsapp-Problems iOS 9 . will will they be fixed?

Please provide a timeframe - I know about the beta, it is not working a expected.

It it not working since sepember 2015.


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  • Thank you very much for your reply! Smiley Happy

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    On iOS, we're basically configuring the iOS built-in VPN client to connect to the Freedome VPN server. Unfortunately iOS 9 broke something in the VPN integration with push notifications, and we do not have much control about it if it misbehaves. We looked into this issue with a debugger, and it seems like Whatsapp actually crashes as a result when an incoming message pops up with the VPN being down. The VPN should be brought up automatically, so that Whatsapp could communicate with its servers, but it does not. We have filed bug tickets to Apple (and so have some other VPN vendors), and tried to communicate this to Whatsapp too.

    Did the new setting (keep VPN on at all times) help at all? Some testers have reported positive results with it.

    Oh, dang. It works a bit better than that on my personal device, anyway (iPhone 6/iOS 9.2). We'll have to keep debugging that, but the real fix needs to be done in iOS VPN code.


    I have to reconnected many times a day...

  • what is the state of the bug ticket with Apple?


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