Is Freedome Patched Against The New Port Forwarding Attack?

I recently read in Torrentfreak that there was a new attack affecting most major VPNs (leaking real IP), involving port forwarding.  Has Freedome been patched against this vulnerability?  If so, what was your solution?  Many of the most popular VPN services have found different workarounds to this problem, and I was curious as to Freedome's solution, if any.

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  • gancalgancal Posts: 23
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    Hello Josh4200,


    My name is Calvin, and I’m the primary contact for security vulnerabilities concerning F-Secure’s products and services. 


    With regards to the article you posted, we were made aware of it earlier and we are pleased to inform you that Freedome is not affected by this issue. No action is needed from our users.


    If you have further concerns about this, please do reply and I will gladly assist you further. :)


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