I really wonder how to uninstall f-secure antivirus for mac compeletely. I deleted it weeks ago, i forgot which way i used to delete it. But today when i was tring to install norton secuirty, it says f-secure detected, uninstall it before install norton internet security. But when i checked in my mac, f secure doesn't exsit anymore. And i also tried the tool that posted on this community, it says uninstall succesfully, but the problem is still there. I think there are probably some files that i did not delete comepeltely. I wonder how can i REALLY UNINTALL IT COMPELETELY from my mac. i did try to restart but it seems doesn't really work. Can some one tell me an more advanced way to delete all of the files related to f secure antivirus for mac. Thank you so much.Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.57.28 PM.png


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    Hi Simon11909,


    You can check the steps given in this link for uninstalling the Mac Protection program manually via Terminal by issuing the command.

  • Have tried but terminal will not allow passwrd have used removal tool and I have tried all but cannot get it to go so I can install Norton what can I do ???

    As if there is something left on the Mac then I need to erase it.


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    Hi @Frasman and @Simon11909,


    If the issue still persists even after following the link, I would recommend opening a support ticket so that our support team can help troubleshoot further.

  • Have used link but the terminal keeps being stoped as no tech seems to be there. This what I am asking.

    Have run uninstall again but when I try to install Norton it says F-Secure is still on machine have even run the terminal script why is there still something on my machine I am using a Mac 

  • Have tried the uninstaller again have run script in terminal and I have tried all sugestions but STILL unable to get Norton to install as its says that F-secure is still on my mac.

    How the hell do I get rid of this when I went to chat with an advisor I kept being cut of by a tech so what do we have to do to get this off the machine.

    My biggest mistake was installing it!!!!

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    Hi Frasman,


    Sorry to hear about your trouble. Have you tried to open a support ticket as mentioned in my previous post which will help you to send an email to our support guys directly?

  • Yes I did I the tech kept cutting me off

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    Hi Frasman,


    Based on your feedback, I believe you contacted our chat support for chatting with a support person. However, you can also click on the link shared in my previous post to open a support request. Through the support request, you can send your issue and also other details as an email to our support team. They will reply to your email for further troubleshooting.

  • Hi Laksh,


    I am en route back to UK will try and chat via your link when I return.


    I hope this will solve my issues.



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