Freedome slows down live sport events, even domestic

The newest version of Freedome with Windows 10 causes broadcasts of live sport events, even domestic, to slow down dramatically. Any help with this appreciated.

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    Hello Ericrose,


    We are currently experiencing some network issues on our Espoo(Finland) virtual location. 

    Our teams are working to resolve this as fast as possible . Some changes have been already done and we are monitoring actively the situation. 



  • I might add, when testing Internet speed, my 100 Mb landline gives only 10-15 Mb when Freedome is on, even with domestic (Finnish) Freedome site, compared to 65-70 Mb when Freedome is totally off. I have a PC with Windows 10, as mentioned earlier. This problem didn't exist with my earlier OS, Win 8.1.

  • Than you for your answer. Freedome seems, in fact, to be working better now.

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