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Is anyone else a "FS Protection" or "Freedome" beta tester here? I have submitted a few suggestions and bugs via the CenterCode site but nobody has gotten back to me.


For now, maybe I'll try here too.


Using the OS X freedome client, I am unable to start or review a protection log - while using any of the locations (either the ones listed as required for the protection log or not). It seems like it attemps to generate a log but never does.


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    I'm a beta tester for FS Protection, but not Freedome, and for PC, not Mac. All the same, I've usually had a response to bug reports, but they may not have time to respond to every general observation or comment.
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    Hi Nuclearxp,


    The people taking care of Freedome Beta program are going through every reports. This might however take some time, as we are getting a good amount of feedback.

    They will get back to you if need.

  • nuclearxp
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    ALmost 2 months later and not a single reply on a any of my bug reports. Has any commuity member actually had an interaction with f-secure rather than just claiming "they're engaged"?

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    Unfortunately we haven't been able to reply to all the feedback - very sorry for that. Please could you send me a PM with your username in our beta site and I'll check out your feedback there right away?



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    PM sent.

    I am not necessarily "complaining" about the lack of response, however, to be able to test properly and understand the testorSmiley Tongueroduct team feedback loop, not having responses for weeks at a time makes it difficult.
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    @nuclearxp @Tapsa @Ben


    After i have install the new beta version of Freedome the subscription code doesnt work anymore. Freedome let see the message that the subscription code is used the max of 3 times. But i have reinstall Freedome for 2 times, and i have enter the subscription code again after reinstall for the product activation. Now is the code used 3 times and it doesnt work anymore. Can you activate the code again?

    I have do the reinstall because after the update Freedome doesnt work anymore.


    I have also make an bug report!

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    Sorry for my reply.


    But can I ask about next point for F-Secure Freedome beta-project under beta-portal.


    By somewhat reason... current section... goes with dropped-status for "Draft"-feature.

    It's available to be saved as draft-text.... but it's not possible to retrieve it.

    Such as... it's not available to be loaded and not available create a report later.


    I have "stuck"-status for some of reports with current design. Such as... created, but just goes to be copied as draft-copy. Browser closed.. and already not possible to load saved-draft-report. There missing place... where should be list of them.. and when notification have words "load it" - nothing happens. Maybe because part of "tabs", where should be drafts... is missing.


    I created report about this situation as report for Freedome beta some weeks ago..... (sorry for that, but I did this between other reports about certain Freedome software) - but as all ... with missing replies around this. So I'm not sure... can be there any "fix"-steps for Draft-feature under beta-portal for F-Secure Freedome beta or not. Or maybe there all OK..


    Sorry for my reply and question.



  • FamousMarcel
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    Can someone from F-secure answer my question?

    Or view my bug report?

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