I can`t log in to facebook after scanning with f-secure

I`ve downloaded F-secure and after scanning with it I could no longer log in to facebook. When trying to log in I receive the following messages : sorry, something went wrong. please try closing and reopening your browser window. I reopen the window, but there is no change. I`ve tried everything. I`ve formatted the computer, I`ve tried changing the password with my email in order to log in but I`ve failed. The problem is temporary. Sometimes I can log in and sometimes I cannot . I used to log in on another computer but now this problem occurs on that computer as well.


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    @al1Na wrote:


    I used to log in on another computer but now this problem occurs on that computer as well.

    So, is F-Secure on this other computer as well, and did the problem also start after a scan?

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    No, on this other computer there is no F-Secure so there was no scan.
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    In that case, it would seem unlikely that the problem is related to F-Secure, as it is only on one of the two machines where you have the same issue.


    I can only guess that maybe it's browser / cookie related.  Do you have any 'cookie cleaner' type apps on either machine which may have removed or be blocking the Facebook cookie?   Unfortunately, the 'something went wrong' error message isn't particularly helpful!


    I suggest that you check the cookie settings in your browser, making sure that the Facebook cookie is allowed, and if that doesn't help, then try a different browser.

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    I don`t have any cookie cleaner type apps on any machine . I`ve tried other browsers. For the moment I can log on but I can`t log on incognito Chrome or on incognito Firefox and I don`t know why.  

    Everything`s OK in the cookie zone , I`ve checked.

    All this started after scanning with F-Secure. There was no problem before, as I`ve said. Before I could  log on using Firefox or Chrome incognito.

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    It seems that for the moment I can only log on facebook if I don`t use the incognito version of a browser. I guess the problem is partly fixed .

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    That would probably point to the issue.  Using an 'incognito' or 'private browsing' feature would probably block the cookie.   :)

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    i cant log in to my facebook account even i have downloaded but it not works


    Kindly help me to recover my facebook account

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    Hi adil1,


    Please refer to this link for more information shared regarding the Facebook scanner.

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