Two different users with the same IP address?

So I run a small business, and we were hit by a bunch of fraud coming from a specific IP address. Later, a new customer that seemed ok tried to purchase something from us from the same IP address. He really wants to do business with us, but I'm hesitant to assume he's ok.


I pointed out we had trouble with this IP address in the past, and he said it was provided by this product. My general understanding is that the same IP address wouldn't apply to more than one computer or individual. Is that incorrect? Is it possible for two completely unrelated Freedome users to end up with the same IP address at some point? And if so, how likely?

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  • TehfcaeTehfcae Posts: 107
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    With a VPN there are a set number of IP address it can assign. So when one person disconnects their IP address is likely to be given to someone else.

    I would suggest having your security team look further into the headers of the emails they sent to check for spoofing or other signs of fraud.

    You may also recommend that they contact you through another secure form of contact.


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