F-Secure DLL Hoster causes BSoD on Windows 10 (build 10122)

Just upgraded to Windows 10 Tech Preview 10122 (64 bit) but I kept getting a BSoD and reverting to my previous build. Then switched off all services and the update went through. When I reactivated all services, I found that activating the F-Secure DLL hoster would instantly BSoD the system. I know it's just a tech preview and bound to be unstable, but just giving you a heads-up.


This error did not occur on previous builds of Windows 10, btw.

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  • bluppfiskbluppfisk Posts: 3

    Splendid. Great to hear you're being so proactive!

  • bluppfiskbluppfisk Posts: 3

    Wil we be notified of a new version? Normally through auto-update but I'm not running F-Secure now for obvious reasons.

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