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Can I ask for some help please?  I have just purchased a new laptop from Acer and they recommened F Secure Internet. I bought this from them at the same time.  I then found out about F Secure SAFE and tried their trial period as I was able to protect my moble phone and tablet.  I contacted them and asked how I could upgrade to Safe and not lose out on my purchase of (3 weeks) internet security.  I was told that an upgrade was not possible and I would either have to wait until 12 months had passed or buy SAFE now.  i was also told that I had to uninstall F Secure internet as SAFE was a completely different programme.  Before I could question this (I was on the Chat line) my connection was broken.  I had been running both Internet and Safe during the trial period with no problem.  I purchased SAFE this evening and in My Safe all my devices are visable, however I cannot see an Install button as was described in the acknowledgement email and I don't know if I should now uninstall Internet security.  Can anyone help me please?  Thank you in advance.  


  • Simon
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    F-Secure Internet Security is part of the SAFE package, so essentially, the stand alone version is the same as the SAFE version.

    I'm not quite sure about the licensing issue, but the Install button should be seen in your SAFE portal, next to each device listed. Given that it's essentially the same product, I'm not sure whether FSIS would need to be removed before installing it from SAFE, but if so, it should be removed automatically when you install the SAFE version.
  • Jouni
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    Hi Moonbird55,


    If I understood correctly, first you took F-Secure SAFE in use as a trial, then installed the applications on your devices from MySafe, and after this you purchased SAFE via your existing MySafe account?


    If that is the case, then you don't need to reinstall the products on your devices, as they are already installed and should already have the expiration date updated.


    In case you have the basic Internet Security(not SAFE) on some of your devices, you can uninstall it and then install SAFE instead.

  • Moonbird55
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    Thank you Simon and Jouni for taking the time to reply. i installed F Secure Internet Security 1st and was then offer a trial of FS SAFE.  This is my problem, I don't know if the advice to uninstall FSI was correct.  I now have FS SAFE installed and it is protecting my PC, mobile and tablet.  Obviously F S Internet is only installed on my PC.  If I have both of them installed will it be a problems? Next year I wil only renew SAFE.  As to the Install button in My Safe, it is in greyscale and says Available licences 0/3.  I have purchaed SAFE to cover 3 devices.  So do I remove FSI as instructed by customer service, or do I leave it installed.  Sorry to ask again but I am still confused.  Many thanks.Cat Frustrated

  • Simon
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    OK, so are you saying you have two versions of F-Secure installed on one machine? One being SAFE and the other being FS Internet Security? I'd be surprised if it let you do that, so could it be that you just have a 'spare' icon on your desktop which isn't actually doing anything (which could be the old installation), or do you actually have two versions up and running, which would presumably mean two icons by your clock?

    I think, if you have 0/3 licenses left, and you've installed SAFE on all three devices, then it sounds as though things are OK. If you remove FSIS from the machine it appears to be on, and if you are then left with no protection, you can reinstall it from the SAFE Portal. It may say you have 0/3 licenses available, but if you reinstall SAFE, it will give you the option to re-use an existing license.

    Sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree, but usually, FS will remove any existing versions before installing a new version, unless it's just an existing product upgrade. That's why I'm a bit confused when you say you have both installed. I think, though, that your simple aim is to have SAFE installed on all three machines, and the stand alone IS (Internet Security) removed.
  • Moonbird55
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    Thank you everyone for taking the time helping me with query.  As a newbie to F Secure I confess I was a little confused.  The only problem I have now is that when on a banking site F Secure blocks my printer. I can see more delving into F Secure mysterys.  Many thanks again.

  • abdoul1
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    je n arrive pas a me connecter sur mon facebook et on me demande de suivre les procedure mais envins mes tentetives

  • Ben
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    Hello Abdoul1,


    Unfortunately our community is not loccalized in French. Could you repost your question in English so that the greatest number can assist you? Please provide as much details as possible on the problem?


    Malheureusement notre communauté n'est pas en Français. Pourrais-tu donc reposter en Anglais ta question. Merci aussi de nous fournir plus de détails sur le problème rencontré. 

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