F-Secure Internet Security vs F-Secure Safe

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My FSIS is expiring in a few days.  I am confused between Safe and IS...  is there any real difference and which should I be buying next time when my priority is Safe Banking. 

Also is it wise to add additional protection to F-Secure in view of reviews that infer that the firewall is not too effective.


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    FSIS in SAFE is the same as the stand alone version. They both have Banking Protection. SAFE is worthwhile if you use F-Secure for multiple devices as it brings everything together into one portal.

    With regards the Firewall, it depends on which version of Windows you're using, as I believe the Firewall in Windows 7 and above is improved from previous versions.

    The only other protection I would recommend is Malwarebytes, which can find stuff like adware and PUPs which F-Secure doesn't, and is a good additional layer of protection, which is compatible with F-Secure.
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    Thank you Simon for your response.  In the normal course of things I would probably be continuing with FS but if you check my later post regarding removal of my code prematurely you will se that I have decided not to continue.

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    I've found your other post in the Key forum, and have responded. I'll copy it here as well, for reference:

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel community support here is poor. I've experienced KIS and Bitdefender forums, and whilst this one may not be the most active, I do believe it is one of the more welcoming and at least F-Secure staff do respond here, which is more than can be said for some other forums.

    With regards your license, it may be that your subscription just needed resetting, which can happen if you install and uninstall various security products. This could have been done via a support ticket.
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    Many thanks again for your response,however I do not intend to continue.

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