I seem to be connected to a mac (not mine ) and my settings are often changed and greyed out so I ca

iPhone and Acer tablet is all I have


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    Sorry, we need more information.

    In which way do you think you're 'connected to a mac'?

    Which settings are greyed out? Please provide screenshots, without displaying personal information.

    Which F-Secure product are you referring to?
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    Sorry managed to create profile now it's only the trial to see if I want to buy. I think a mac because each time I look at anything about computers security etc etc it goes straight onto Mac USA .so I change it to iPhone uk and the page refreshes Mac USA again. But I've just reset both my phone and tablet and with new emails But worried if I go on old sights it will happen again. My tablet was bought brand new at Christmas Acer Iconia A1 830 on 4.4 Kitkat it won't let me update to lollipop. I'll send you some screen shots but just learning about computers ATM so maybe a while till I find what I think you should see !!
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    OK, sorry, I'm not all that familiar with the mobile apps, so I've no idea where this 'mac USA' is coming from.

    If you have an iPhone, though, all you'll get is the SAFE Browser, and not the full security app which is available for Android devices.

    If you can provide any further information though, that might be helpful, and hopefully someone from the F-Secure team will respond to this thread in the morning.
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    Been trying to log in all this time it just kept saying " can't login " I had to pretend I forgot my password . Everything I look at a pop up thing of copy/define comes up and screen freezes blue for a bit. Anyway I've saved some screenshots of your app greyed out but don't know how to upload them to you. I'm going to try the keyboard thank you if either device will let me.
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    To upload an image, click the Reply button (not Quick Reply), and in the text editor, click the Image button in the top row above the text entry box.  You should then get a screen where you can click the 'Choose file' button and navigate to the saved image on your computer.  The image should then appear in the box, and you click Insert to insert the Image into your post.  

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    I am trying but  it won't let me upload it's saying I have to upload from another site.  It's when I registered here it was we've identified your computer as a mac and just a while ago when I was on my word game after work my iPhone dialed 0913 666 0010  I am very worried

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    Sorry, it's been a while since I used one, but thinking about it, you probably won't be able to upload an image from an iPhone, as the iPhone won't let you.  Smiley Sad


    I'm also getting very confused with this, and I'm having difficulty working out exactly what the problem is, and with which device.  Are you saying that the 'Mac USA' issue is something to do with this website (the F-Secure forum)?


    With regards the 0913 number, it does seem as though this is a scam.  I've Googled the number, and this seems to be related:  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/01/30/premium_rate_calls_grindr_users_claim_hit_with_charges/


    I'm sorry but I don't know enough about the F-Secure mobile products to advise on what protection is available for iPhones - perhaps someone from F-Secure can help with this - @Ben ?

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    Of course I'm not saying u r connected I was trying to show that even  your sight thinks my iPhone is a mac  it said that when I was registering . It's very hard because my settings keep changing and when I'm trying to send something I end up on another site. I only have the free trial to see if anyone could help me before I committed to buy but don't worry . I had already looked up that number wanted to know what to do about it .  It's ok Ill look elsewhere. Thank you

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