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@Ville@Ben  > The current fs protection license expires over 26 days. Get this license automatically extends the current beta testers?

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  • @Ville> Thanks for youre answer, I whait and i see it soon :).

  • Ville
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    Hi @FamousMarcel 


    This is now done. All FS Protection users who had less than 3 months remaining got 3 more months added. Please check your subscription end date now.



    (F-Secure R&D)


  • @Ville  > The remaining number of days that FS-protection is valid, is now 112 days.

  • Hi @Ville 


    I only have 6 days to my current subscription



  • Ville
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    Hi @Nicos18 


    Please create a bug into beta.f-secure.com so that we can see your account details and fix it.



    (F-Secure R&D)


  • Hi @Ville Eemeli Ollila contacted me about this problem. Thank you anyway

  • Hello!


    This is my first post here!  Best regards everyone on this forum!


    I have extended license (from 2 days) as beta tester.

    On smartfon is all ok, but on PC and laptop FS reported that subscription expired. When I try renew button and loging to My FS Protection, I see these devices are protecting. Reboot machines does not change anything.


    There are really protected? FS on my computers look like disabled.

    What can I do to resolve this?


    Please, help me quickly

    My devices are most probably not under protection!




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    If you have experience about subscription expired... your installation should be blocked to be "in use" under device. It's will be visible under user interface.


    Maybe you can to try... goes to "right-click" tray-picture and choose "Check Updates" -> "Check now" and wait some seconds.... with normal network connection. Maybe will be "refreshing" information for license.


    If it's not really helpful there. Maybe you able to do just another steps under My FS Protection portal, where you can see... "stuck" licenses as protected devices.

    So.. just removing it from My FS Protection portal as (retrieve license/device) and to create it again. And already when it will be "not in use" under portal. Re-check updates with your installation.


    Or something like that.


    Sorry for my reply. Maybe F-Secure team will create some of other good tips.


    Also you able to do "fsdiag" by F-Secure Support Tool (should be under application's list) for situation if there something goes wrong and you situation related with troubles. Fsdiag will be helpful for F-Secure team... which you can to transfer during report under beta-website (as example).

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    Hi @mariushek 


    Welcome to the forum.


    PC client checks license status every 6 hours from server. You can force an immediate check by right-clicking tray icon and selecting "Check for updates."


    If it still does not help, please create a bug report to beta.f-secure.com and we will look into it.



    (F-Secure R&D)


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