Can not see on Swedish TV, when I am in sweden F-Secure Freedome

När jag ska titta på svensk film eller så får jag svar att

( Du har tyvärr inte tillgång till detta material)


När F-Secure Freedome är i läge ON men när jag ställer om till OFF då går det bra ( Location: Stockholm)


Vad är felet?

Och vad händer är jag ska resa utomlands och titta på svensk TV?


Använder Windows7 64bit o 32bit

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    It looks like some Swedish sites that make geolocation checks before allowing the content to be displayed, do have outdated or just incorrect information about our IP addresses in their geoIP databases. All the major IP geolocation databases have the location correctly set for Sweden for our Swedish IP addresses - for example when you check our addresses using or you'll see that all those point to Sweden and the RIPE database has the country also set as SE, i.e. Sweden.


    Unfortunately there isn't much that we can do about this. The IP address geolocation is quite prone to errors, as the geolocation providers may or may not keep their databases up-to-date.


    We have also an article about geolocation in our knowledge base here:


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    Hello Lanell,


    Sorry but this community isn't localized in Swedish. Could you provide the details of your problem in English so that the greatest number can assist you?


    When did the problem start for you? Did you have access at some point in time to these sites? 

  • When I look at the Swedish film or so, I get the response that I ( You unfortunately don't have access to this material)

    Ok o


    When F-Secure Freedome is in the ON position but when I switch to the OFF then it's good ( Location: Stockholm, sweden) What is the error? And what happens is I have to travel abroad and watch Swedish TV? Using Windows7 64bit 32bit

    This problem is on all computers, and it has never worked

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