F-Secure Ultralight Anti-Virus



  • the ui backgound seems to be far to dark making text difficult to read, maybe a trifle too much transparency ?

  • yep maybe marketing secrets

  • When i restart my pc. Windows security center says, that i have no av installed, but F-Secure is active (tested with eicar test)


    So maybe windows security center integration needs some more work. That is the only bug i have had and im really liking this new product from F-Secure :)

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,600 Superuser

    That's not happening on mine.  Action Centre displays FSUL Beta as being installed:




    Have you tried turning FSUL On via the Action Centre?  Otherwise, I would probably suggest reinstalling FSUL and see if that fixes it.  There used to be a way to reset Windows Security Centre in versions up to Windows 7, but I can't find a way to do it in Windows 8/8.1.


    BTW, did you remove your previous antivirus before installing FSUL?

  • It seems to happen with standard user account, but with admin account it works fine.


    I didn't have any previous antivirus programs installed (it was clean Windows 8.1 install)


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,600 Superuser

    OK, no idea about that, sorry, as I only have an Admin account on this machine.  Did you install it using the Admin account?  I'd still recommend a quick uninstall / reinstall, as it shouldn't be too much trouble, but obviously, you might want to wait for a response from F-Secure.

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,974 Superuser

    Probably it should be "common" trouble-point.

    And Windows prompted about "disabled" F-Secure ULAV, because workarounds around Security Center goes be "time-out" during launch system. And it goes be as "disabled" for Windows Security Center such as.... overload at launch?! Not nice network connection?! Or other reasons.


    Most likely... that it's can be happened not as just local situation. Or.. if you mean account with UAC (and when UAC disabled - it's goes fine). So.. maybe it's also can to be as point around. But anyway.. it's also should be just time to time (or often, but not always).  Because can be related with any delay/not-default steps for Windows Security Center (or double-steps, or something other) - which goes to break something around "normal information" getting.

  • no integration problem on my W8.1 x64 rig, admin, uac enabled I only have issues with some urls detacted as malevolent, for instance my speebbox supplier, beside this: sofar, so good.

  • It is necessary to adapt the size of the pop-up messages



  • right, one must eliminate much of the history to make room, then it's definitely lost

  • A very large load on the processor when you open GUISmiley Sad

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,974 Superuser

    Sorry for question..


    Can it's be related with a lot of notifications under GUI? If it's not cleaning (of course).


    And does it mean that stable under GUI work... or just some seconds per launch?

  • it's not abnormal that a software launch is power hungry, why don't you check the running components and theit respective load ? then repeat after a short time ?

  • AndyPAndyP Posts: 45

    Hi all!


    Looks like you've had a productive weekend with Ultralight! Let's get to some of those questions!


    The UI is actually done with OpenGL. We chose to use a native technology in order to create a faster, more responsive and hopefully more "flashy" UI. We have noticed the same concerns that some of you have brought up recently - that when the main UI is open, quite a lot of CPU and/or Memory is being used. We will look at addressing this in the future. Bascially, the UI itself was done in a relatively short amount of time and it's not yet optimized properly.


    As for how long this beta will, run, we have no plans around that at the moment. Consider it an indefinite beta.


    The Ultralight technology is currently being developed for 2 platforms - Windows and Android. On the Android side, we're about to launch a new version of Freedome on Android that contains our Android Ultralight technology. You can find out more about Freedome here: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/freedome

  • It xould be fine if it could be used as a second layer protection.
  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,600 Superuser
    Good point, YOF. In my opinion, at the moment it's a little bit 'lean' for a frontline security product. It would certainly be better if it had the additional banking protection, and perhaps some of the safe browsing functionality from the other products.

    I think a product needs to be a complete solution, especially if it is incompatible with most other security products which could run along side it. It either needs to be frontline, and exclude other products, or second line, and allow them.

  • @yeoldfart wrote:
    It xould be fine if it could be used as a second layer protection.

    Using more than one anti-virus program is not advisable. The primary concern with doing so is due to conflicts that can arise when they are running in real-time mode simultaneously and issues with Windows resource management. Even when one of them is disabled for use as a stand-alone scanner, it can affect the other. Anti-virus software components insert themselves into the operating systems core and using more than one can cause instability, crash your computer, slow performance and waste system resources. When actively running in the background while connected to the Internet, they both may try to update their definition databases at the same time. As the programs compete for resources required to download the necessary files this often can result in sluggish system performance or unresponsive behavior.

  • @Simon 

    I tried this during 6 months about a yaer ago: webroot + free panda cloud, never a virus, no system hang, fast operating rig... this is nowadays roughly the same idea.

  • @Petrovicyou are right, this is the doctrine: never Norton "with" KIS e.g. but, if you carefully study how the Avs work, there is still room e.g. as I wrote to Simon, I tried this during 6 months about a year ago: webroot + free panda cloud, neve a virus, no system hang, fast operating rig... this is nowadays roughly the same idea.

  • @AndyP 

    imo adding a spam tool is useless as both Tbird and Windows Live Mail both handle that quite efficiently, same for Windows 8 client. Still imo you should concentrate solely on security: viruses, trojans, rootkits and their likes. BTW I love the product concept.

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,600 Superuser
    @yeoldfart - I have also run two fairly similar programs in the past, with no Ill effects. However, we are talking about F-Secure here, which historically, predominantly prefers it's own company. If that is to remain the case, then, in my opinion, ULAV must evolve into a more complete solution, for it to potentially compete in the antivirus market. In this day and age, banking protection and online safety / privacy are two of the core components which consumers will look for in a security product, and these need to be seen to be included in a competitive and professional solution. I know this is still very much a beta concept, but there's no harm in looking further down the road of the product's development. :)
  • @Simon 

    I do agree with you, but we don't know wether the F-S people want to develop an ultra light (thin) AV as Panda Cloud till 2014 was or a full fledged streamlined AV which is, as we all know, quite different... if they finally deliver a ful fledged AV, the FWall might as as well be added, this with two possibilities: either a gui what would only make Windows FWall accessible and usable by the average non geek (informed) customer or a full one like in any security suite.

    Anyway this beta is and will be a very interesting one to live !

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,600 Superuser
    Given that the firewall and parental controls are already given over to Windows, I would be perfectly happy for the product to develop without those included. That would then be a much 'slimmer' product than the current Internet Security suite, and with the new GUI, could develop into a very different and attractive suite.
  • @ simon

    feels as if we were a duet :))
  • seen no update isted since yday, is this normal ?

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,974 Superuser

    Probably it's can be not OK.

    It's can be about six updates for Hydra (or more... or less) maybe.


    Do you have experience wiht manual "check updates"? Or can be else.. that automatic-sheduled-ULAV-updater goes be blocked by something?

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,600 Superuser

    If you hover over the list, you can Check for Updates for each one, but it seems a bit of a cumbersome way to do it.  I just checked Hydra, and clicked the Update button, and it's updated to 15/12/14, but may have done so automatically anyway, had I given it a chance.  I think we could do with a global 'Check for Updates' button, rather than one for each separate component. 

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,600 Superuser

    @AndyP - I was just also thinking, I guess this program now allows the option to install a third party firewall, if the user considers the Windows offering to be inadequate.  Would the Comodo Firewall be something that ULAV would happily cohabit with?

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,974 Superuser

    I think that current button "Check for updates" work as global button for "each" components checking (does not matter... where you choose it).


    Just it's around each "component", because.... maybe what if you remove notification about some of components and there will stay just something one (which goes be rare updating). And there.. just button "check for updates" will trigger re-check for all potentially available updates. Maybe it's strange.... of course.



    About firewall; potentially there available to be addition layer.. not just a firewall. But which features you want to use with any other third party firewall? Such as.. which features can be important as additional? (it's just interesting for me, sorry).

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,600 Superuser

    Oh right, well, slightly confusing, but well spotted, Ukko.  :)

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