can not login

Yesterday I signed up for the new FS protection. As I already use old test of Internet security technology preview.
I had myself also signed from there.
I tried to log into the loggin FS protection website today in the explanation was that I had to give it my email address and then would receive the interpretation and downloads an email.
But once I do that gives the webiste to wrong login.
Also, if I possibly do it using the option send password.

What can I do to do to log in?


  • Simon
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    You should have received a 'Welcome' email from FS Protection.  In that email, it should have given you a temporary password to login to the FS Protection portal, via the main Beta portal.  You need to use the same email address as you use in the main Beta portal, with the password they sent you.


    If that doesn't work, either contact them via the main Beta portal, or PM @Ville on here, and I'm sure he will try to help.

  • I know how it works.

    But the email with password i have never received.


    I have also send 2 bug reports, but with the answer i cannot much,

    because its the same answer that you send.


    I send you yesterday an email also, with my name.

    I shall send you now also another PM.

  • Simon
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    If you haven't received your 'Welcome' email, reasons for that could be:

    1. Your application for FS Protection hasn't been approved yet

    2. The 'Welxome' email may be trapped in a spam filter.
  • I have GOT him :)

    Maby Ville has read my PM.

    Thnxxxxxxxxxxxx for Ville and Simon (forgot the kisses) Smiley Very Happy

  • Simon
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  • The name of the program that i must install is that "Safe Anywhere" ?

  • And i have read somewhere that i not self has to delete the old security program "internet security technologi preview".

    I had read that the new one delete that for you... is that right ?

    Or must i delete it first, for i install the new one?

  • Simon
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    FS Protection is what you need to install, via the beta portal, which links to the FS Protection portal, which you've been trying to login to.
  • Simon
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    And yes. It will automatically remove the previous ISTP installation, so you don't need to uninstall it yourself.
  • yes, when i loggon then i see thispicture.jpg

  • Ville
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    That's the correct place. It looks like the name is wrong in Dutch language. I'll create a bug report for the team.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • So its my first Bug support here lol Smiley Wink.

    Ok then i go install that one.


    And if i install it. I have automaticly an 6 monthe license?

  • Simon
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    Lol! Smiley Very Happy Are you just trying to make things confusing for us English, Ville? Smiley Wink
  • hahahaha lol Smiley Wink

    My englisch is not so good in typing, speaking then its okey Smiley Tongue


    But i have see it, 6months.


    But the program Malwarebytes (anti malware program) was deleted bij FS.

    Can i now instal him again? because FS give the sign then it is in conflict with that program.

  • Simon
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    Yes, you can. Well, at least, I did, and I've had no problems. I already reported the MBAM 'conflict' to the beta team, and they are looking into it.
  • When i install FS, there was a message that Malwarebytes must be deleted.


    So after instal from FS, i install again malwarebytes, and that goes till now good.

  • I got my password for fs protection by email and I have successfully installed new beta to my personal laptop. I had some problems during logon. I was using chrome browser  and tried to refresh page and made couple try again and things get on..  I got some error messages, maybe server was busy? Smiley Happy

    After download was ok, new beta install started and it was working nicely.

    New program was installed, old one was removed and and I got message that machine have to reboot.

    After reboot installer was started after I was logged to my profile.

    Nice work guys!

    Colours made me think Ubuntu for some reason... will there be linux version also?





  • Ville and Simon ,


    I want to thank you both for youre support.

    I had received the email, and everything goed well.

    but... im looking to serveral programs that doesnt work anymore, and before the FS protection they work well.

    That programs have no block or anything in Fs.

  • Ville
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    Hi @FamousMarcel 


    Please submit a bug report through about these problems. Include support tool output ( and be as specific about the problems as you can.


    What programs don't work?

    How do they not work?

    If there is error message from the program, include a screenshot

    If FS Protection shows any messages, include a screenshot.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • Very very strange.

    I want too make screenshot etc... and now its all working again.


    My windows 8 app's does not working, and 2 program on my pc oa Open broadcast software.

    Now they working well.

    I dont know what it is, but this problem i have never seen.


    I shall test today, and tomorrow serveral times,

    and if the problem comes back again then i do all the things you ask for.

  • Hi I have a different problem and hoping someone can help me out. I was doing the key but I made a mistake but didn't catch it til too late. I was told I tried too many times so it won't let me do it. Can someone please help me with this problem? Thanks so much for the time.

  • Simon
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    If I've understood you correctly, and you've forgotten your password to login to either the Beta or the FS Protection portals, you can use the 'Forgotten password' link with your registered email address, and follow the instructions.
  • @Ville  I think its another problem. Tomorrow or one day later i have my new computer and shall test it again.

    But i know for sure that FS is not the problem.

  • Hi everyone. Bad news I lost the beta I was doing and had a major problem but couldn't fix it. I had made a mistake on spelling on the link and got locked out and couldn't fix it(think I needed new key) so with great sadness I have to say good-bye and enjoyed testing the new updates. If there is still a chance please let me know.


  • @Ville> I had promiss that i be come back for explain the problem.

    Its not FS what the problem is, it was another conflict between two programs.

  • Hi again so sorry to be a pain in everyone's butt, but just wanted to say I found the right info and we are now downloaded and ready to rock and roll. Thanks so much for everyone's help and I, myself, have been learning already new things


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