Using one subsciption plan for several devices?


If i purchase a yearly based subscruption plan for f-secure freedom, am i eligible to use the app on my tablet and smartphone? Or do i have to purchase a subscritopn plan per device?


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    Hello w2k3noob. 


    If you buy Freedome for example on your Andriod phone you should ba able to use it on other Android devices using the same Google account. 


    The same goes for Apple products, If you buy it on your Iphone you should be able to install it on a Ipad using the same AppleID.




  • Harlaprillarar


    Why limit to same google account? I have three android devices with different accounts. Certainly will not buy three freedomes. And how to purchase without credit card?

    Cf., you sell F-Secure INTERNET SECURITY for 3 pc's, one receives just code that is valid for three simultaneous installations.

    Thanks T


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    Hi Harlaprillarar!


    Just noticed your message went unreplied, and I found the following information from another thread that might give some clarity:


    "Currently you can install with one subscription on as many Android devices as you want.

    Same applies to IOS devices, provided that they use the same Apple ID.


    In the future, the subscription model for Freedome will be such that one subscription will cover a certain number of devices regardless of the platform (Mobile or Desktop). 
    But this will take still a few months before we have it implemented."
    @Paivi , can you update these threads when this functionality is implemented, or possibly provide a timeline?
    // Chrissy
    // Chrissy
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    I've been on holidays. Sorry for the delay with the response.


    The plan is to launch multi-device subscriptions for Freedome by the end this year.




  • PlasmaGsus

    I would like some more info on this. My free trial ends in three days and i'm quite pleased with the service so i'm thinking of getting the full version.


    My problem is that i have multiple devices. I use iPad and my wife uses her Android tab. Also i would like to get this on my PC and Mac when those products are available.


    So the question is:

    If i buy the full year subscription now for two or more devices, will it count somehow when you come with a per-family or multi-device product in few months? i.e. discount or such.


    I don't want to be in a situation where i have some old subscriptions on higher price and it counts for nothing when the new plans are available. (as we all know already they are coming "in 2014")


    So my options is to get these two subscriptions or if i'm not assured to get multi-device plan later, not going to get this service. Which one to go for?


    Thank you for answers!


    The product is great.


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    Thanks for the feedback and considering subscribing to Freedome.


    All the details of the multi-device plan have not yet been confirmed so I'm not able to make any promises at this point. Sorry about that. However, there are no plans to decrease the prices and we naturally drive to integrate existing customers to the new plan as smoothly as possible.



    Päivi, Freedome team

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