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I have F-Secure tablet security installed on my Samsung Tab2 7. Everytime I turn the Tablet on F-Secure starts an anti-virus scan even though I have setttings set to weekly scan.

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  • BayaniBayani Posts: 58

    Hi djrw,


    Does the scanning process pop up immediately when you start your tablet? Or does it run in the background so you need to open F-Secure first in order to see the scanning process?


    Could you try to turn off the scheduled scan (weekly scan) to see whether the same issue occurs or not?

  • djrwdjrw Posts: 20

    Yes scan starts immediately and I see message 'Scheduled scan started'. Turned scheduled scan off in settings and restarted tablet but get exactly the same result.

  • BayaniBayani Posts: 58

    That's odd. Of course, scheduled scan should not trigger when it's turned off. And the "scheduled scan started"-message is coming from F-Secure or could it be from some other software vendor?


    If it does come from F-Secure I would suggest reinstalling our software and see if it helps.

  • djrwdjrw Posts: 20

    Tried re-installing via Virgin Media link but this still does not work (previously reported) stil get message 'Unfortunately F-Secure mobile security has stopped'.

    Installed F-Secure security for mobile/tablet from Play-Store but still get the scan activating whether scheduled scan is set up or not.

  • djrwdjrw Posts: 20

    Changed scheduled scan settings from default of weekly/friday/12.00 and this appears to have resolved the issue. However still get random scan of memory card ie runs when I turn on Tablet but not every time.

  • BayaniBayani Posts: 58

    Ok, good to hear that it works better now. Try to use your tablet as normal for a while and see how it developes. If problem persists you can contact our support so we can create a ticket for further investigation.

  • djrwdjrw Posts: 20

    Problem still persists with scan runni g daily even though frequency set to weekly.

  • EmilLEmilL Posts: 16 Former F-Secure Employee



    Just to check so we didn't misunderstood your questions. Is it when you reboot the tablet it starts a scan, or is it when you just start up the scren from "sleepmode"?


    If it is after a reboot, then this is normal. It will alsways scan your device after a reboot to check if its safe. At the moment there is no option to disable it.





  • djrwdjrw Posts: 20

    It's on a reboot. So what is purpose of the settings option within virus scan. I'm getting somewhat disillusioned with F-Secure via Virgin Media portal.

  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595



    There are different types of scanning by Anti-virus module in Mobile Security.


    1. Real-time scanning: Files are automatically scanned when they are installed on the device. Memory cards inserted are scan automatically as well.
    2. Manual scanning: You can start scanning the device and memory card from the application UI.
    3. Scheduled scanning: You can schedule scans to run automatically at regular intervals from the setting page.


    The scanning start automatically on system boot is not scheduled scanning but the Real-time scanning, it will always start automatically after memory card detected. You can stop this scanning by opening the scan task and select Stop scan option.


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