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Is it possible to installed secure safe on a tablet. I have tried and not been able to. I've tried to contact them and service is down. Tried to email and there was a section that needed to be filled and it would not give me an option to enter so not able to get them to contact me

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  • IvanDIvanD Posts: 31
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    Hi Jac7,


    What kind of issue were you experiencing on the installation? 


    Regarding your latest post about the network, F-Secure protects the device regardless of the network that is connected to.


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,583
    Yes it's certainly possible. Which tablet is it and what happened when you tried to install it? Are you using SAFE or the stand along F-Secure Mobile Security?
  • jac7jac7 Posts: 3

    HI Simon,


    Thanks for replying. I have set up the free Fsecure through the virgin link, it confirms that I have done this. however it doesnt allow me to show the fsecure icon.


    I have now found out the the fsecure only works if it is connected to the virgin broadband, so I have put another security system on it





  • jac7jac7 Posts: 3

    Hi Ivan,


    I managed to sort it myself, thanks.


    I have done as you sugested and Accept as Solution" button to let others know.





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